Product Review: Skin Food "Black Sugar Mask"

Yet another sample that I received in a Cosmetic Love order! I did not care for the last one that I reviewed, but this one is a keeper! 

Skin Food - Black Sugar Mask (Wash Off) 

(4.5 out of 5)

Since I have drier skin, I like scrubs and things that take off dead skin. But I am also very careful when using them, because using scrubs that are too intense, or using the too often, can harm your skin and make the problem worse.

I thought that this one may be harsh and damage my skin, but it didn't! I was very excited to try this one, so I opened it before I took a picture, but the sample is large and lasts for a while! So excited, in fact, that even though it worked well the first couple times, I realized that I was using it wrong...

Ashamed I admit that I did not realize that this was really a mask!

The first couple times that I used this I just scrubbed it on and washed it off! The results were good and I was happy! When I looked it up later, to see the bigger size, I realized that it is a mask and you need to leave it on!

So let's just go over the results of "proper" use! 

I only used a small amount, which is probably why it stretched out for about 5 or more uses! You don't ned much of it either. Just wash off your face, and then have a little bit of water on your face before applying. The scrub is a little thick, but it still spreads pretty well. The idea is that you gently massage it into your skin, then leave it for about 7-8 minutes. Then you rinse it off, and you're done! 

(I would suggest that you take small amounts of water and slowly rub it off before you wash it off with water. This helps it take off dead skin as you wash it off.)

The mask makes your skin look a little dark while it's on, because it's black sugar, but when you rinse it off it leaves your skin lighter and smoother! The sugar dissolves a little as it sits, which I thought was cool! The sugar really doesn't hurt that much when you are scrubbing it, far less than Apricot scrub does! 

The sugar takes off the dead skin, and it (plus other ingredients) softens your skin as it sits, hence why it is a mask. Also, it doesn't really have a noticeable smell, and it just feels like a moisturizer while it sits on your skin. It doesn't dry either, it's a bit sticky, so try t not touch it until you are washing it off. 

As a bonus, when this gets in your mouth it doesn't taste like Arsenic! Since it's made of sugar, when it got on my lips on accident, it didn't taste gross! I'm not saying that you should go down on a jar of this mask when you have the munchies, but it's a fun bonus to using sugar in a natural mask, instead of a mud mask. 

The description even says that it is meant to get rid of the dead skin that makes it hard to apply makeup, and that's what it does! BB Cream (or foundation) goes on really smooth after you have used this (I use it at night before bead though, not right before makeup, still does the job) and you don't have all those little dry skin patches showing, so great! 

Also, masks and scrubs tend to dry out my skin after I use them, but this one did not! My skin felt slightly tight, but I didn't really even need to moisturize after using it! (That's a big accomplishment in my book!) And it really did work! My dead skin was off and my skin felt smooth, hurray! It is one of my favorite products from Skin Food so far, and I am kind of sad that I am running low on it! 

Skin Food is one of my instant favorite brands! It's very natural and works well, so it doesn't surprise me that I love something from that company. 
Now this doesn't always seem to work perfectly, and you shouldn't use this too much. Although it is not as rough as other scrubs can be, it it still a tad rough on the skin. It can also make your skin a bit dry if you leave it on too long, or not work if you don't leave it on long enough, hence why it doesn't have a perfect score.

This was a free sample, and you can buy the bigger version of it for around $11 Here. Since the pack will last about 7 uses, I bet the real version will last you a while!

I would definitely consider buying this in all of its full-sized glory!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,