"Spring Cleaning"

I've really trying to downsize on everything right now to prepare for the future. I think it will be a lot easier if you have less items to worry about when packing, traveling, etc.

I think I now own about 1/8 of the clothes that I used to, which is a huge downsize! And I am still at it every week. If I don't wear something for a while than I just put it in a (huge) box downstairs to sell later. This way I know if I really want it or not, I can always go downstair if I change my mind, but most of the time I forget about it and don't need it as much as I thought I did.

I have been getting rid of physical clutter a lot, so I have moved on the cleaning out my Computer. I have so many useless files that I never use, and probably never will. So what did I do?

-Went through my music and deleted the songs that I skip over without fail. I don't miss them at all, and I made more space for my favorite songs on there as well!

-Went through my photos and deleted a bunch of old, unnecessary pictures. I tend to save funny "memes" on my computer. This doesn't seem too bad, until you have almost 6,000 of them and can't upload ones from your camera... Yeah.... So all of those, and drawings from Mangas and online, were deleted.

- Deleted or condensed folders that were cluttering my Desktop. I either deleted them completely, or condensed things into one folder.

I never though of the fact that my Computer would run out of room, until I was uploading pictures and there was barely room for them. So "Spring Cleaning" my Computer has made a lot more room for future projects, and I will probably continue to delete things in the future.

It's a great thing to consider doing yourself. There are files that clutter and slow down your computer that you really don't need! It's a good practice to go through quickly and just delete things you don't really like, that there are a lot of, and that you honestly forgot you had.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,

p.s. I have a lot of cool product reviews and recipes coming up, so stay tuned!