Simply Natural: The Breakfast Beauty Plan

There are tons of natural beauty products that are most likely laying around your house right now! I chose the call this the "Breakfast Beauty Plan" because the things used in it are usually Breakfast items.

There's a facial mask, oil removers, and moisturizers! I tested all of these before I posted this, rest assured that these are some elaborate trick to get you to buy breakfast items. So, let's get started! All you really need is the four things pictured below, and some water!

Egg White Facial Mask

This on is by far the simplest face mask you will even need to get. I can't really post a link to it because if you search anything involving "natural black head/acne removers"or anythings similar, posts about this will come up. So, I tried it!
Simply take an egg and separate the yolk and the white, I stored the yolk to mix into scrambled eggs the next day (as to not waste anything). You do not need all of the white, so you can either save in, for a short amount of time, or do this with friends.
Put the white in a sealable container, if you plan on saving it at all, and use a fork to mix it a little. There's a thick and a thin part to egg whites, so getting them blended is a good thing to do.

Use your finger, or a brush if you're "grossed out" with touching the egg. Make sure to lightly wash your face with water before applying this. 
Spread a thin layer all over your face and let it dry. Then, add another layer. If you are doing this mainly for the blackheads, feel free to add one more layer just to the spots with blackheads (or the extra oily places). Let it dry completely, it will feel pretty tight, and lightly wipe it off with a washcloth. Nothing too abrasive, unless you want to damage your skin. 

This is a great way to take care of your skin without chemicals. It makes your skin look glossy, and kind of cool, when it dries. The egg whites suck out the oil and dirt in your pores, and after one treatment I saw a difference! You want to do this once a week, not too often, because you do need some oil in your skin! This will also help even your skin tone and make your skin soft to the touch. Overall, it's a new favorite of mine. 
This may make your skin dry if you leave it on too long, since it takes out the oil. If that happens, use the next treatment! 

Oatmeal "Lotion" 

(I got this idea from my friend Tina, her blog is "here", so check it out!)

The picture may show a Coffee Filter, but this is likely to tear. One of the better things to use is a washcloth, and the best is a Cheese Cloth.

Take a bowl, or container, and your straining cloth of choice. Place the cloth in the bowl and fill it up with about 1/2 Cup of Oatmeal. You can make this in bulk and store it, or make a small amount. Add water and let the oats soak for a while. The longer they soak, the stronger this will be. You want a thicker, milky color. If you are using a real fabric, and not a tearable filter, squeeze out all the moisture out. It will look milky and thick.

You can use this as a lotion of sorts, and it's great for Eczema, itchy skin, or just plain dry skin. 

You can also add the oats into the cloth, tie it off, and set it in the bath. You can use this for the oatmeal bath, and even use the oat-filled cloth as a scrubby as well. Because Oatmeal baths are great, but the clean up is terrible! This way, you can get all the nutrients out of the oats, and when you're done you just take it out and throw out the oats! 

Yet another thing you can do with this, you can use it as "conditioner". Just run it through your hair, let it sit for a while, and wash it out. 

Oatmeal "Dry Shampoo"

Now, I'm going to add this one on to the Oatmeal section. This is a trick people use when camping for a long time. You use Oatmeal in your hair to get rid of the oil, much like how people use baby powder, etc. 
You're supposed to run it through your roots and comb it all out. I find that it's the powder in the oats that does this, so I have a different method, that's a lot less messy. 
Take the oats and place them in a bowl, then crush them in your fingers so that the powder is left on them. 

It will make your fingers look "dusty". Run the "Oatmeal Dust" through your hair, and repeat as much as you want. When you finish, comb out your hair for extra measure. 

Since my hair has been a bit oily I have been using this, it helps a bit, but it does not rid you of all your oil. It's more of an emergency cover up. But, you can do this and use the crushed oats for the lotion, if you would like. Since you wouldn't want to eat these, and wasting is always a shame! 

"Lemonade Shampoo" 

Since I am trying to stay away from chemical based beauty products, I wanted to try something for my hair. I found here that you could use Lemon Water to get rid of oil in your hair, and tried it.

I took a small container and added about 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice and filled the rest up with water (About 1 Cup). Pop on the lid, shake, and you're ready to go! Just rinse your hair, pour this in and rub it a little, just like you would Shampoo, and let it sit for a while. Then, rinse it out, and you're done!

Obviously you want to avoid this getting into your eyes, but since it's not pure lemons, it will not be sticky and gross feeling. I used cold water, which was kind of a refreshing feeling! My hair is super long and thick, and I used about half in one go. I'm saving the rest for another time. 

This will also lighten your hair, which is an extra bonus for me! It did seem to help with oil control, and my hair felt pretty soft when it dried as well. So, I highly recommend this, especially for blondes!

There you have it! Simple items that are not only tasty, but useful in many ways! I hope you will give these a try and see how they work for you! Just like any product, I recommend to use these in moderation. 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,