Flour on the Floor and Caffeine in Our Hearts!

The Holiday baking has begun! Well, I suppose I bake in general, but to consider it Christmas baking is just more fun.

I spent the night prepping what would become breakfast for the next day. In my previous post I mentioned a few blogs that I had been reading recently. I started my, hopefully, spree of pumpkin baking! I used the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Pumpkin Bagel recipes from Sugar crafter for my breakfast, and they were superb!

To make the syrup for the Lattes I had to strain it out after I cooked it. So after about, oh, five or more hours I got my cup or less of syrup. The reason being that I used a coffee filter (Why is it they drain coffee so well but everything else takes forever!), and after all the time spent waiting on that my Mom mentioned that we did in fact have cheese cloth...I really need to keep track of these things...

The bagels had to sit overnight, but they were worth it! I made a half batch and they were all gone. I hope to make a few bagel recipes myself and make some more, so tasty and fun to make, ya know?

Besides my successful cooking I had my pie troubles during Thanksgiving, using a bad crust for my cheesecake and having to scrape out all of the filling, so I made a brulee of the filling in my espresso cups! With that I also had a Thanksgiving left-over sandwich with some Green Bean Casserole, a standard with my family.

I really loved making drinks and baking, in fact I used to want to open a Cafe a few years ago. I love the calm atmosphere and the jazzy music with the warm, cozy food. Who knows, maybe one day "Bunny Time Cafe" will exist!

Tomorrow is December 1st and I am very excited! I can barely believe that Christmas is coming up so soon! I want to make everyday themed on a Christmas Song so we will see how that turns out.

Challenge of the day:

Laugh! Just laugh, giggle, chortle, snicker, anything! Today be merry and joyful! Laugh at least ten times before you go to bed, genuine laughter!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,