Let it Snow!

The past couple days have been great, and busy, hence why there has been no daily posts. My past days have been something like this.

"Let it Snow!"

I woke up to snow outside of my window, and I mean a lot of snow! I live up in the rockies at around ten thousand feet so winter is very cold and very snowy, just how I like it! Sort of like that Eddie Rabbit song, "I love a rainy night, it makes me high", but with snow for me. Of course I also love the rain. My favorite type is California rain, I get so happy and just want to dance! Of course it is way colder to dance in the snow then the rain, but I think you get my point. I really wanted to enjoy the snow but I was still pretty ill so I stayed inside and just looked out. So I played Final Fantasy XIII for a little while because we rented it. My dad asked, "What is a awesome PS3 game e can try out?", and I immediately replied, "Final Fantasy Thirteen." The graphics are incredible! Most games aspire for their cut scenes to look as good as the regular game play looks in this! So I played for a while and did not even finish the tutorial, it is probably going to take me a while to finish that game.

My brother was also sick at home (He lives in Texas) so me and him played World of Warcraft that afternoon and evening. This is one of my favorite things to do in the world. I have been playing with him for years, I used to go to his house and play on the extra computer. My Birthday and Christmas presents were usually upgrades and expansions and him paying for the account monthly, my favorite gifts! Now we live in separate states and I love to play when I go to visit but when I am at home I get to play about twice a week with him and we use Skype chat to talk the whole time. It makes me smile to think about it.

"Frosted Window Panes"

So I really did have "Frosted Window Panes" the other day, and still do! When I lived in Southern California I would buy fake snow and spray it on the windows, I laugh at that now. Those days are over and now the windows get frosted the natural way. I was feeling better that day and my parents had to go run some errands so I spent most of the day with just me and my dog Joby, cooking up a storm! For breakfast I made "Farmhouse in a Blanket", I used scrambled eggs with little smokeys and stuffed that inside of crescent roll dough, leftover from Thanksgiving.


I also made some coffee syrups from scratch. I made Ghirardelli Chocolate, Peppermint/Candy Cane, and some more Pumpkin. This time I used the cheesecloth and so they were made in about fifteen minutes each.

These are really easy to make! I think I will make a post in my food blog about them soon. You can make simple syrup and add pretty much anything to it and make syrup for Lattes. For experiments they came out really well!

I also prepped three kinds of bagels, which I will say more about tomorrow.

Challenge for the Day:

It's easy! Drink something festive and warm for the Holidays!

See you next time when you jump down the Rabbit hole,