Product Review: Tonymoly "Intense Repair Live Snail Skin (and Lotion)"

Get out all of your wiggles and "ewwws" now. It's been a while since my last review, so I had to "restart" with a bang, so what's better than snail slime? I got these samples from Cosmetic Love a while back, and after on and off use I am ready to write a review about them. 

Tonymoly - Intense Repair Live Snail Skin & Lotion (Samples) 

(2.5 out of 5)

When I got my package the serum type bottle has burst a little because of the pressure change, but I still had plenty to experiment with. I reviewed a "Intense Repair" kind of product by Tonymoly in the past, and didn't really like it too much, but I decided to try these samples anyways. Since this one seemed more light and natural I expected better results, but they weren't too much better. 

In general the product is okay. These are smaller looking samples, about the size of my pinky, but they last for a long time anyways. The packaging doesn't really seal that well, and it's hard to get the product out of the container. It's made of a hard plastic, so you have to vigorously tap it against something to get anything out of it. 

In the sample set you get one bottle of the regular kind, as well as a lotion kind. I personally preferred the lotion kind, but that one is not sold in larger quantities, as far as I can tell. They are both made with "45% Snail Secretion/Skin" in them, which is supposed to have healing properties. You may think that having snail skin in your cosmetics seems a bit odd, but it is a pretty normal thing in Korea! They have BB Creams (In large and samples) and it's one of those natural ingredients that we just don't think of using. 

The lotion is thicker and has more of a milky color, of course, and the regular kind is like a thin, clear, gel. They don't feel slimy at all, and are pretty light on your skin. 

I do think that the idea of using snail skin seems smart and interesting, but in this product it was not used very well. A lot like the previous skin repair product that I used, this one also was a bit too moisturizing, even if it's lighter than most lotions are. It did not make my skin as oily as the other, which was nice, and both kinds didn't really feel thick on me, but it still was too much for my skin and I ended up breaking out again. 

It also seems to work as a skin whitener, and made my skin tone look a bit more even. It did seem to improve my skin health in certain ways, but in other ways it made my skin a bit worse. I think that if you used it rarely, or as a spot treatment on the really bad areas, that it would work much better. You could also use this not just on your face, but on your hands or other parts that tend to dry out a lot. 

I think that if you are older, or your skin is very damaged and dry, this may work well. But, if your skin is just a little dry and mostly healthy, it's just going to cause more problems by putting too much into your skin and causing you to break out. My skin did feel softer right after I put it on, but in the end it just made me break out over time from the oiliness. I would say that you shouldn't use this every day, but mainly just on days that your skin really needs it. I think that the build up of daily use adds to the possibility of breaking out. 

Overall it's not really a bad product, but it's not the best either. You skin feels softer, and the smell is a light, citrus-like one. I just would not recommend it for younger people with healthier skin. If you want to try this I would recommend using a very thin layer, and try it for one day and see what happens a couple days later. If you see improvement keep using it, but you can tell pretty quick if it's good or bad for your skin. I have read reviews on this saying that it worked really well, so it really seems to depend on your skin type. Different strokes for different folks 'n all! 

You can buy the sample set with both kinds for about $3 Here, and it will last you a long time, with how little you need and how far it goes. You can also buy the regular kind, not the lotion type, in a larger bottle for about $50 (yikes!), so I highly recommend that you try it first and see if it works amazingly before buying the large one. 

Overall, it didn't work well for my skin type. I wouldn't use any kind of "intense care" products unless you really think you need it. I don't really recommend this product, especially the $50 bottle of it (though that bottle would last for a very long time), but I think that it may be worth a try to buy the samples. 

And as a final note, why do they have to write "Live Snail Skin", because that is really off-putting...
It's difficult to find out what it really is, this "live snail"(because I think that "skin" is meant to be the name of the formula, just like the other bottle is snail lotion), but I am pretty sure that it is the ooze that snails put out as they move around... Yummy... 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,