How To: Mushroom Charms

Even though Mushrooms are one of the only foods that I dislike, but the cartoon kind are one of my favorite things! They are so adorable and so when I was choosing something to make as a charm bracelet, I went to these.

This is a pretty simple design, and you can make them as large or small as you wish, and even make them just as nic-nacs instead of charms. I made mine in a rainbow kind of way, but you can make them any color you like!

What you will need:

Per Mushroom

- One ball of clay for the top - color of your choosing
- One equal sized ball of clay- a flesh colored tone
- A small amount of white clay for the spots (or whichever color you like)
- A very small amount of black clay for the eyes
- A very small amount of pink or red clay for the mouth
- A paperclip or toothpick to poke holes for the face
- A metal pin to attach it as a charm - pictured below (found in the jewelry making section)
- A pan or baking sheet for the oven
- Parchment Paper (optional)
- Clear Nail Polish or a clear paint or sealant (optional)

I made them out of Fimo Clay, you can use any baked clay that you want. Make sure to check the package for the baking instructions, it may be clay but it can get burnt.

If you are making a bracelet you will need a chain and clamps (or buy a empty bracelet chain), pliers to attach the charm, and beads if you like. You could also turn them into earrings or a cell phone strap, just have fun with it! All of the supplies that you need to make the bracelet can be bought in one jewelry making kit.

Form the skin toned clay into a ball, then pull at the top to make it smaller and taller than the bottom part.

Next, form the top by flattening it out and forming it into a dome (or a cone) around your fingertip.

Place it on top of the "body" and form it until you have the shape you want. It should be large, but short enough that you can make a face on the body.

Next take the white and form little balls to make spots on the top part. Make them any size that you want, and press them into the top.

Set it aside and use the point of the clip to poke eye holes into the face.

Scrape some of the black onto the tip of the clip, just enough to fill the bottom of the eyes.

Gently press it into each eye.

Take the other side and poke one hole for the mouth, just like you did for the eyes. Then scrape a bit of the red or pink color onto the tip and press it into the mouth.

Om nom nom nom nom 
Scrape off any of the clay from around the eyes or mouth, smooth out the clay, and stick the top onto the bottom.

If you are making it into a charm, take the pin and press it through the top of the Mushroom. Do not press it all the way through, but just before it touches the bottom.

If you do press it in to far, pull it up and re-seal the bottom. 
Make sure to get rid of any excess clay or finger prints, and check for dirt or hair that may have stuck itself into the clay. Pre-heat the oven to the temperature that the package says to. (Mine was 230 for 30 Minutes)

I put down a layer of parchment paper on top of the pan to keep the pan from getting clay on it, but mainly to keep the clay itself clean.
Bake the clay and let it cool. (It will seem soft when you first take it out, but it will harden as it sits.)

Once they are cooled you can use them if you wish! Or, you can take the next, extra step.

First, use a damp cloth, or just spray water, on them to remove any excess dirt.

Use clear nail polish to put a thin coat on top of the charms, if you want a more glossy sheen to them. I only used a thin coat, but you can do as much or as little as you wish. Since there is no oil in the clay the polish should last for quite a long time.

Once it is painted let it sit. It will seem dry to the touch, but it should sit for a day before you wear it. You can, however, work on the next parts once it is mostly dried.

Ooooo, so shiny!
Once the charms are dried, if you are making it into a charm bracelet, use pliers to open up the top of the metal pin so that you can hook it onto the chain.

If you want to add any beads you will do that now. I had some floral printed beads around, so I used those! Once you have what you want on the pin, clamp it onto one of the links. Add all of the charms, and you are done!

It's finished! 

This is about to scale of the one that I made. 

This only took me about 2 hours, baking included, which is a very short amount of time for a handmade charm bracelet! Have fun with it and make them however you would like to! It's a tad heavy, but not by much, and the clay is very durable so I don't worry too much about it breaking. 

These are so cute~! And I am excited to wear this in the future! I hope you have fun making these!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,