Product Review: Innisfree "Mineral Shimmering Powder"

I've tried a few powders and face pacts over the years, and most of them just matte my face so much that the makeup simply doesn't look natural anymore. So I wanted to try out a powder with a shimmer base, that would brighten my face instead of just dry it out or make it look dull. Innisfree makes a lot of great, natural, products so I chose their powder to try before others. They sell several different kinds, but this is the one that I wanted to go with. Onto the review!

Innisfree's Mineral Shimmering Powder 
(4 out of 5) 

Like I said, Innisfree does a great job with offering natural products that don't have additives in them that can be harmful to your skin. I've used their products several times, and I haven't been disappointed yet! This is a loose powder and not pressed powder, which I personally prefer. The powder is from the Innisfree Mineral line, which includes foundation, concealers, and pressed powders, basically different types of face makeup. The powder is Paraben (chemical preservatives) free, artificial scent free, Benzophenone free, Talc free, and Silicone free! What it does contain is Green Tea and Pearl Minerals from Jeju Island! In case you don't know, Jeju is an Korean Island that has rich volcanic soil and some of the best produce and products out there. (Basically, if a product lists that it's from Jeju, it's supposed to be superior quality.) Because it's made with Pearl Minerals there's a light pink tone to it, which helps give more natural coloring, along with a subtle green tone from the tea. Also, the Green Tea in it helps to nourish your skin while you wear it. Not only does the product not contain artificial or chemical additives that can be harmful to your skin, but it contains natural ingredients that help promote healthier skin while you wear it, it's a win-win.

The packaging for this is really simplistic, and the box that it come in is made from a kind of Banana paper and has large fibers in it with a rough texture. The look of the box adds to their natural marketing for the line, while the container looks really sleek. One of the things that I didn't like was that the holes on the screen between the powder and the lid are a bit too small, so it's difficult to get the powder out. It comes with a soft puff for application, but I personally prefer using a brush, so I don't use it very much. I think the packaging was done well, and the size of it is just right, it's small enough that it's portable and hold a good amount.

You can apply this two different ways if you'd like. The first would be to use it as an overall face powder, because even though it shimmers, it still helps slightly mattify your face. You can also use it as a highlighter on your T-Zone, U-Zone, etc. to add dimension. Although it's a shimmering, it's more of a healthy glow or sheen to your skin than making you sparkle. The size of the minerals are very small, so it adds shimmer not sparkle, so that's the difference between this powder and others that I've tried. When it's applied with Foundation or BB Cream it gives a pretty natural finish. Overall I do like this powder a lot! It really adds a good amount of shine, for my complexion at least, and is really easy to apply for the finishing touch. Because it's not colored to match a specific skin tone, it could probably work for any skin tone or type, and it also didn't dry out my skin when I used it. While I would recommend this powder, and do like it, I'll probably continue to look for an even better one. I did like the lighter finish that it gave, but I also didn't see a dramatic difference between the times I used it and when I just used BB Cream without powder.

You can buy this for about $10 on Cosmetic Love, where I bought it. It's a little pricy, but it lasts a while, and is certified organic, so I think it's a good price. It's definitely worth trying though out, and if you've used it before let me know what you thought of it!

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