Product Review: Tonymoly "Pocket Bunny Mist - Moist"

I was so excited to receive my package this week, and this product was one of the main reasons! Every since the moment I saw this product I was planning on buying it eventually! Now that it's here, let's begin the review!

Tonymoly - "Pocket Bunny Mist Moist" 

(4.5 out of 5)

I have used this a few times this past week and... Well, I love it!

I bought the "Moist" bunny, there is also a "Sleek" variety for oily skin, but I wanted something to replace lotion for my face. The idea of using a mist on your skin after cleansing, and throughout the day, is a lot more appealing to me than rubbing lotion into me skin. The idea is for it to be light, natural, and give your skin just enough moisture without making your skin oily. Just what I was looking for!

Now, I'll be honest, there are plenty of mists to choose from and 80% of the reason I picked this one is because of the packaging! Tonymoly makes the coolest and most adorable products out there! While Etude House focuses on a girly, pink, Princess kind of vibe, Tonymoly just goes straight for shaping things to what their name it! (I have a long list of Tonymoly products to buy and review in the future that I am very excited about!)

Look at that little face and bow~!

But the "squee" factor aside, the product is good! Even though it may look "childish" to some people, they take the product very seriously and make very good quality items.

Both kind of this mist are made with very special, high quality water for the base. It's purified many times and is a type of mineral water. That alone is good for your skin, especially with how harsh tap water is these days. The ingredients vary. The Sleek one is for oily skin, so it has lemon, cabbage, and pineapple in it (as well as other extracts) to help naturally control oil and sebum.

The Moist version has Apple, Peach, and Raspberry extract in it, as well as other vegetables and fruits, to help naturally moisturize your skin. This is a very light way to help your skin to not dry out after washing, or throughout the day.

There are many people who suggest to spray mist while applying BB Cream so that it will spread easily and nourish your skin more while wearing it. You can either apply this before or after your makeup, whichever works best for you!

Each Pocket Bunny costs about $14 from Cosmetic Love (the price is about the same everywhere), and to me that seemed like a lot for "pocket sized", but since it's a mist it will last a long time. It is a smaller size, about the size of my fist overall, and will fit in your makeup bag or purse easily. The main purpose is to be able to "refresh your skin throughout the day", so it needs to be travel sized.

Poor Bunny! 

For application, the "head" pops off, and it looks like a basic body spray kind of nozzle. Let me warn you though, this comes out in a much more powerful stream than a normal "mist" does! You need to hold it a ways away from your face when applying it. (The first time you use it, the stream is pretty strong, but after a few uses it will become more of a mist.)
Make sure your hands are clean as well. Once you spray it on (about 2-4 squirts), let it sit for a couple second before lightly patting it into your skin. It will absorb in time, so let it sit for about a minute. (If you are using the BB Cream method, spray a little on after your cream and pat it in.)    

I live in a very dry climate, so it's hard to keep my skin moist, but this did a good job! (Imagine what it could do at sea level!)
It did not do as much as lotion or cream would do, but it does just enough. This way my skin can regulate oil itself more and not be as dependent on lotion to keep it from getting dry. I like the natural feeling of putting it on, and it feels fresh rather than thick. Most of the time it feels heavy when you need to moisturize your skin, but when you use a mist it feels light and clean!

Also, the smell is very nice and light! It smells like fresh fruit and the liquid is clear so it looks good and brightens up my day with the fresh feeling and the scent!

If you have very dry skin than I would recommend a cream instead. This product can help moisturize, but it wont cure your dry skin, it's meant as more of a booster.

Overall this product works very well! I like to use it after I wash my face to keep it from drying out. It's a part of my daily routine now, and I would definitely buy it again. But it seems like it will last for months, so there's no need to worry about re-purchasing for a while~!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,