Product Review: Innisfree "Pine Natural Essential Mask"

 Pine is one of the under appreciated plants out there. We usually only think of pine when it comes to winter, like candles, or maybe to use the nuts in certain foods. Pine contains Vitamins A and C, along with antioxidants, and calming effects on the skin. The nuts, inner bark, and leaves are all edible (the leaves are brewed in a tea), making the entire tree very useful. Not to mention the fresh and familiar smell of pine, which has that calming effects on the senses, like taking a walk in the mountains. 

Innisfree - Pine Natural Essential Mask 

(4.5 out of 5) 

This is the second Innisfree mask that I have used, the last one was Mugwort, and I really like them! I was partly expecting a similar texture and feel to the last one, but this one was different! I could tell that it may be a bit different when I was opening the package. It felt smaller, like there was less liquid, and I was right. The last one was creamy and thick, but this one wasn't the same.

Make sure to pinch along the top, to push the liquid down so that it doesn't spill out when you open it. This one also came out a lot easier than the last one, and I had no issues with it tearing, but be gentle just in case. The liquid was really thin and clear, it wasn't very sticky or thick, which I liked. It also unfolded nicely. 

Before applying make sure to wash your face well, or the dirt will interfere with the mask. You don't need or want your face to be wet before you apply this kind of mask, so pat it dry. Take out the excess liquid from the pack and spread it around your face before applying the mask. This way you get all you can out of the product. There are slits on the sides to help it fit to your face, and holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth. I find it best to keep the nose flap lifted up until you fit the mask yo the rest of your face, then fold it down. Once everything is placed to fit your face, gently press and smooth it onto your face. 

It feels really cool the first moment that you put it on. This felt so great, especially since this summer has been so hot! It looks pretty clear on your face, but gains color as it sits for a while. The cooling feeling of it lasted for a while, then it stung/tingled a bot for a few minutes, and then it just fells smooth and comfortable. You can leave it on for 15-20 minutes, though some people have left it on for longer. The smell is pretty nice, but not overwhelming, it smells faintly of pine and a little like that "clean" smell as well. Make sure to not move your face too much when you have it on. 

The only complaint that I have with this one is that it dried out fast! Instead of staying wet on my face for a long time, every part of the mask except for the chin and below the nose felt dry. I didn't really leave it on for too long so I was a bit let down for it to have dried to fast. I can't complain too much though, since it wasn't completely dry underneath, but it still wasn't very moist. Once you finish with it gently peel it off of your face. You can either wash off the excess, or rub it into your skin to absorb. I left it on for a while longer, but rinsed if off later because it was a little sticky. 

It did make my skin feel a bit more relaxed and moist, but it didn't make my skin super soft or anything. But the main thing is that it calmed down my skin, and cooled my face, so I was pretty satisfied. My skin felt comfortable and not to dry, and it helped relax me for the rest of the day. My skin also had a light, healthy looking, sheen to it as well, which is a nice bonus! I think that it is definitely worth a try, and you can but them for about $3 each Here. If you get it as a sample, set some time aside to try it out! I really love these for the Summer to help keep my skin healthy and cool!

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