Lactose and Lighting

Seoul, South Korea (Photo: "Visiting Korea")

Once I start studying something my mind is constantly filled with it. As I study and get interested in South Korea, I find myself...Getting even more interested! Before I know it I am looking up every available resource to knowing more about it! Not to mention that I crave Kimchi like crazy lately!

So the main thing on my mind lately has been Korea and Music. I moved the keyboard up to my room and am making it a habit to practice every day, as well as practice vocal scales. In between Korea study and Music study, I listen to K-pop, go figure! But, that is not my life. I have been trying my hardest to get writing done and am progressing at a relatively steady rate, I would say. I am still working to try harder and be more productive with it as well.

In other news, how is the "Lactose-Free Living" going? ....

You never realize how many things dairy is in, until you cannot have it... An overview:

Breakfast, No cereal or Coffee with creamer or milk in it.

Lunch, No left over Clam Chowder.

Dinner, Still no Clam Chowder and wanted mashed potatoes but could not add milk to them.

Also, no glasses of milk for me.

Though we may have found an explanation in which I do not need to refrain from milk forever! And there was much rejoicing! The same time of stomach aches we also had been buying a particular brand of ice cream. It has dairy, yes, but it also has other things in it that could make me sick. Mix this with the virus type sickness going around currently, and that may just be it! I am currently trying to "Nudge" back into dairy, just in case. I take a "Pro-Biotic" and eat some yogurt each day. So, we will see how this goes. I obviously will not be having ice cream though!

The other things that I have going on would be that I tried taking photos to mess with back-lighting this morning. I saw the light behind me in the mirror, and I obviously wanted to be artistic with it! I may try with other objects in the future, but the sun was moving quickly so I took a few self portraits to test it out. Very fun indeed!

Oh, photo effects, thou art fun to play with!

I also edited a photo recently on a whim about Human Trafficking.
Photo Edited by Me on "DeviantART"

It makes me think and I really hope it makes you think as well.

Challenge of the Day:
Pray or give to stop Human/Sex trafficking. If you do not know very much on the subject I suggest researching it or visiting websites such as "Stop Child Trafficking Now" or other "Stop Trafficking Now" websites.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,