The Great BB Cream Experiment!

For those of you who don't know, "BB Cream" is a Korean product, that is pretty awesome! It stands for "Blemish Balm" and works as a light foundation, skin lightener, sunscreen, lotion, and is usually filled with minerals and extracts to improve the health of your skin. I like this a lot more than foundation because it's lighter, though you can build it up, and it feels more natural and less "cakey" on my skin. I personally hate having thick looking foundation on my face, to the point where you can tell I'm wearing it. And I also don't want to feel like I'm wearing it either, it makes me a bit uncomfortable.

One of the better parts about BB Cream is that it blends into your skin tone, like the "True Blend" foundation tries to do (sorry Covergirl, but it doesn't work for me...) by oxidizing once it's on your skin and matching your tone. You can buy it in lighter or darker tones to start off with, but it will get closer to your color once it's on. When I first take them out I think, "This looks too dark..." but once it's on my skin it changes color slightly, and after it's on for about five minutes it looks very natural. So buy the closest to your tone and don't worry when it doesn't match immediately. Now this is for lighter tones, because it's a Korean product, and they really do not like being tan at all. Most of the products you find will have "whitening effects" because lighter skin is the ideal for them. This works great for me because I'm Scotch-Irish and most foundations are way too dark for my skin! Plus I have sensitive skin and that makes it had to find a foundation as well... I also want my skin to be better when it's off, not worse. So having vitamins and minerals in the product works great since it will nourish your skin while it's on. Plus, it protects you from UV rays, who could ask for a better product?

You can buy a more glossy one (which makes your skin look "shiny" but not in an oily looking way), or a more Matte one (which makes your skin look smooth and takes away the shininess from oil). Also, it will make your face pretty much one color, so you will need to add blush, if you really need color difference (it wont make you look like a mime, so don't worry about that. You just wont look like you have blush and everything on, unless you apply it). It's a more casual look, not too glamorous, but you can add to it for the "Night Look" or special occasions.

When it comes to application, you need to let it set, whatever brand or shade you buy. As I said before, it takes a few minutes to match your skin. So don't rush putting it on. It works best, for me at least, to apply it with my fingers and palms, so be sure to wash your hands before applying to remove dirt and oil before touching your skin. I will say that it takes way less than you would think it does to use BB Cream! I took a tiny bit on my finger, and it was still too much! This is great because even small bottles will last a long time! Sample envelopes can last several days, so actual bottles will last you a while.

If you are going from foundation to BB Cream be very careful with the amount you use. Because, since it is also a lotion and sunscreen, applying too much can make your skin too oily and putting on a very thick layer can cause you to break out! I made this mistake the first time I used it, so I am extra careful now. After your first time you will have a feel for how much you need.

Take a small dab on the tip of your finger, and very small one, and dot it on your upper cheek, chin, forehead, and nose. Gently use your fingers to cover your face, then pat the areas where it is applied. (Just like other face products, don't get it on your lips or in your eyes.)
Another way to apply it is to take a bit into your palm, rub it between your hands, and press it into your skin. This is a lighter, and faster, application method. 
You can always apply more if needed, but you can't take off less! So make it a careful and slow process, especially the first time. Once you have the amount you want applied, wait about five minutes before applying Highlighters or Compact Powder. (I would suggest buying powder and highlighter of the same brand, as it will blend and match better with the BB Cream.)

(Tip: Try not to apply this right after a shower, especially if you have dry or combination skin. It's best to moisturize, let it sit, and then apply the BB Cream if your skin dries out easily. You probably want to apply a while after your shower. (Do something like pick out clothes or work on your hair while your skin adjusts.) If you apply certain kinds of BB Cream while your skin is dry, it will show more than it will cover it up, so be cautious when it comes to applying right after you wash your face or shower.)

If you are in a hurry, you can work on your eye or lip makeup while it sets. 
You can keep it with you for adding small amounts throughout the day if you are outside or sweating a lot.

Also, most kinds will not look their best all day, so if you apply it in the morning and are going out at night you will want to "freshen" up your makeup by applying a thin layer on top!

Now that I have gone over the basics of application, let's move on to the product reviews!

I tried seven different BB Creams, some were great and others were... well... not my favorite...

Etude House - Precious Mineral BB Cream: Bright fit SPF30/PA++ 
NO2 Light Beige

(4 out of 5)

This BB Cream is infused with pearl for a smooth complexion. (I did a product review on where I bought it Here) Etude house is one of my favored brands, and I had read a lot of good things about them. (The bonus is that they are promoted by SHINee and Sandara!)

I really liked this BB Cream! The bottle was huge in comparison to others, and was relatively inexpensive (about $16), especially with how much product is inside! I use a tiny amount for my entire face, so this will last me months! Instead of a squeeze top, it's a pump. It may be a little confusing, but you need to hold it upside down (like the picture) and use the pump. This makes it easier because one pump is more than enough, so it helps regulated how much you use better. The packaging is my favorite part of this one, very classy and easy to use.

As for the Cream itself, it is very good quality. When it is on my face it feels light and my skin feels soft, it didn't really dry out my skin or make my pores more visable. I was a bit nervous at first, because the reviews I read were not the best, but it worked very well for me! Plus, I didn't break out from it, which is a huge bonus with how sensitive my skin is!
The only down side is that if you already have dry skin, it can show off my dry skin if I don't apply it carefully, or moisturize/scrub the dead skin off before application. So even though it doesn't dry it out, it will show if your skin is already dry. (If you have dry skin I recommend this one Here) Also, this one makes my skin a bit oily after wearing it all day.

It doesn't have as many vitamins as other BB Creams do, but it is nourishing, and the idea of having pearl infused skin is awesome! As for the look, it's a balance between the Matte look and the Glossy look, which I also really like. I don't want to look "dry" or like I'm covered in water, so it's a nice balances between both.

This has enough Sun protection to keep me from getting darker, and the minerals lighten up my dark spots while it's on. So overall great "keep me at my current whiteness" coverage! Plus, it helps even your tone. It comes in several shades to choose from, and mine is the lightest. If you have darker skin I would recommend this one.

Overall, this is my daily use, go-to, BB Cream! I also have a highlighter from Etude House to match.

Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream SPF45

This is one of the samples that I got from my package from Cosmetic Love (for more on that, click on the link on the previous Bright Fit product review). At first, in my n00b-ness, and apparent inability to read correctly, I though it was just a cream. But I found out it was BB Cream once I opened it.

This one is healthier for your skin, and is a bit lighter than the Bright Fit one. This one felt very soft, and I saw skin improvement once I used it! It contains grape extract to brighten and firm your skin, and works very well. It is labeled "Skin Food" for a reason, it's like feeding your skin nutrition. This brand is the more natural, healthy one that it meant for for overall improvement than for coverage. But the coverage is also good, very natural looking.

It's also a more Matte look, with slight sheen, and did not break out or dry my skin. It has more Sun protection than the Bright Fit as well. This one I would suggest for people who are outdoors more than indoors. It's one of my favorites and I use it on days I will be out of the house because it's more natural, and protective for my skin.

They may be sample sized, but you can use them for a long time. If you really like it, you can find the full version online (Amazon or Ebay). It's a bit pricier if you buy a bottle of it (about $30), but worth it and it will also last you a long time. It only comes in one shade, but matches to skin color better than other brands.

These two are by far my favorites and I will most likely stick to them. Now, let's go one to the lesser ones...

Skin 79 BB Cream Mini Set

I bought this set off of Amazon, it's made of a few small bottle samples. Overall, not loving this brand. In the world of quality, I feel like this is a dollar store compared to a makeup store. I'm going to go over these quickly, since there's not much to say... (Remember that this is my opinion, and how my skin reacted.)
They do not really have any nutrients in them, and are more like regular foundation than BB Cream. The set cost me about $8 in the end (with shipping etc.)

Gold Collection

(2 out of 5) 

This one way alright, I think that if I had never used the other brands I would like it, but I did not like it as much as the others. The coverage was alright, and it matched my skin okay, not as well as the others did. My skin did feel soft with this on, and it is a Matte look with SPF25.
It's a darker shade, though it does match after application, and is thicker than most. My skin looked a bit dry in it as well, but I didn't break out. It's meant for wrinkle improvement, but I don't have that issue so it was just okay and I probably wont use it again.

Super+ - Triple Function

(2 out of 5)

This one seemed exactly like the previous one to me. Felt soft and light, blended okay, but wasn't the best. Maybe if you used it several times you would see the whitening protection. This one is also SPF25. It is thicker and darker than other creams that I have seen as well. I didn't break out, but I didn't see improvement either.
Once again, it was okay but I probably wont use it again.

Diamond Collection

(1 out of 5)

This one did not feel soft, dried my skin, and was a bit dark for me. I didn't break out from it, but I didn't like the way it looked either. It may work better for other people, but not me. Also a Matte look. I have to say that this one was my second-least favorite.

Diamond Collection - Pearl

(0 out of 5!)

....*Sigh* I am not really sure if I can say anything good about this one, so brace yourself. I tend to be nicer on reviews, but this one just upset me...
On my hand it looked thinner and glossy, so I was excited to try it at first. But once it was on... oh....the horror...!
This one is sparkly... Not in a "slight sheen" way like I believed, but in a "Ten year old girl at a slumber party" or "Edward Cullen" kind of sparkly way, whichever bad stereotype of sparkly you prefer! It did not even out my tone or give me any coverage, in fact it just brought out the dry patched in my skin and made me sparkle. It's not as noticeable from far away, but once you're close there are pretty sizable sparkles visible on your face.
In hindsight, I wish that I would have simply washed it off immediately, but I did not. It say on my face for a while and that night I broke out all over my face! It's been a week and I still have the effects left over on my face. I had just got my skin clear, so I was very upset with this product.
Please, just don't buy this... Ever....

Now that the harshness is out of the way, on to the last review!

Holika Holika Essential Petite BB Cream SPF30  PA++

(3.5 out of 5) 

My favorite part about this one is the smell! It smells like citrus or mangos for the first few minutes it's on your face (after that your nose adjusts, so you don't smell it anymore).

I got this one off of Amazon, and I didn't realize that it was only for one and not the set, so be careful about that. This comes in different kinds, but I have only tired this on, "Essential". (There's also a clearing one, a moist one, and watery one.)

It had good coverage, felt soft, and smelled good. This one also comes in one shade, but blends nicely. It's not my favorite, but it's not "bad" or "okay". This one is also for firming your skin and preventing dryness. So if you have "tired skin" you can try this.

The bottle looks small in the picture, but it's a lot bigger than I expected. You could probably use it for months before running out, and it's more affordable than others (about $6-$7). You can buy it on Amazon, Ebay, or Cosmetic Love and try some for yourself. If you are short on cash, and want a good brand, I suggest this one.

(Also BB Cream  can make your skin oily, the Etude one did for me especially, but most of them did at least a little. If you notice that it is making your skin oily you should use a sebum and oil control mist, like the one from Tonymoly. I did a review on the moist version, but haven't tried the other yet, but the product seems reliable and good quality. Most BB Creams are meant to be a lotion as well, so applying lotion before them will make your skin especially oily!)

Overall, my favorites were Etude House and Skinfood! Different brands work better for different skin types, so I can't speak for everone. But if your skin is lighter and sensitive like mine, I recommend those. Overall you need to find a brand name that works for you, and stick with it!

If you have a "Paragraph filter", here's a summary.

Etude House - Soft, good coverage, daily use type of BB Cream for different skin shades.
Skinfood - Soft, light, nutritional, outdoor life type of BB Cream for lighter skin shades.
Skin 79 - Felt cheap and bad for skin. Not recommended for any skin shades, unless you're a little kid...
Holika Holika - Good smell, price, and packaging. Good for medium-light skin shades and daily use, more affordable.

I hoped this helped you with choosing if you want to try BB Cream, or which brand is recommended. Currently, my skin cannot take anymore BB Cream experimenting, so I am sticking with my Bright Fit, with the occasional Skinfood, for now.

I say that BB Cream is far better than any foundation or tinted lotions I have used in the past, and that are now in the trash once these arrived!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,

(Note from future me: If you have a darker skin tone and still really want to give BB Cream a try, Maybelline does have a BB Cream that comes in several different tones. For now, that's one of the only ones that I've seen, but as time goes by there are more on the market.)