Patience...Of All Kinds

When it comes to people I consider myself to be a pretty patient person. I think, "This is a person too, they make mistakes like me, I need to show love to them and be patient." The thing that I have a problem being patient with would be technology...

I am a Mac user, and honestly I really love my Laptop and my iPhone. I have used a PC before but I like my Mac and the only phone that I have ever had is my iPhone. I think of Apple products when I watch Tron, they say they want a system for the users aka User Friendly. If Tron likes them then why can't I? In the past they have both bugged but I got them fixed better than new very quickly by the people in the Apple store. So I like the "user friendly" and the costumer service parts of the Macs. I also like the sleek design and the way my laptop plays World of Warcraft. But this post is not meant to be an advertisement for Apple, I want to give some background before my rant.

Updates are a good thing, constant improvement is great... When an update takes away over three hours of your day and your entire amount of patience it is no longer a wonderful thing. For the latest update I had to first update my iTunes version and that took some time, then restarted my computer. Then I had to download the update which took another hour or more. I did both of these things a few days before the real update for my phone. They took all of my data and wiped it and restored my iPhone to the factory settings after a two hour backup. I also learned at this time that my "32GB" phone only had about 29GB available on it...Maybe all these updates were taking up memory? I am not sure.

Then I got to update it, another hour, and then I had to get all of my data back on the phone, yet another hour. During this time it was useless and I missed important phone calls. When I looked it did look "better" and had some new good things. I also noticed that my music was empty even though I had about 20GB of music. So I had to plug it in again and "sync" it up again to get my music...

Oh the joys of updates!

During this day I was also trying to upload photos off of my phone and it kept saying "something went wrong so we didn't upload anything" and I had to repeat this awful project about five times to get them on my computer. Also Facebook was being so dumb I almost threw something. Why am I writing this? Well that really never happens to me so I found it interesting.

I am so glad that all of that is over and I hope I do not need to do another update or upload like that for a while.

I also wrote in this blog during that time and listened to some jazzy Christmas music. I got to have leftover pizza and watch a cheesy movie called "Fire Serpents" that was by William Shatner...Why did you make that? It was so bad! But I loved it anyways! I learned yesterday that I need to keep working on patience with everything.

Being upset at my laptop reminds me of my terrible habit with Video Games. It took me years to finish Zelda:Ocarina of Time because of this. If I get stuck on a level for a while I will quit before I get too upset and plan on finishing it the next day. The problem is that I get busy and months later I remember I was playing a game and that I should finish it. But I do not remember the controls as well so I just restart the game and try to finish it again... I do this a lot. So after over five years on and off I finished Z:OoT (zoot? That's pretty fun sounding!). The time to finish with was only about thirty or more hours of gameplay though. I think Zelda games are the main place I do this.

So when I have a game that I play and finish several times I consider it one of my favorites. Games like Wind Waker, Mario Sunshine, Kingdom Hearts 1&2, and a few others. I keep going back to them so I must really like them! I played and finished Kirby: Epic Yarn last year and now I want to play it again, so I suppose that is going on my list. I played though part of Epic Mickey and did not finish and want to try it again (both of these "Epic" games were rented so I hope to buy them or re-rent them) .

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and Christmas season is right after that! I am getting more excited each day! I keep bringing out decorations to show to my parents with the "No, not yet" look in return.

To quote a famous LOLCats:

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,