Sea Salt & Sunsets

Lemony Snicket, he is a pretty well known author for the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books that he put out. I don't now if it's just me, but I cannot help but think his name sounds like a dessert bar. The first time I heard the name I pictured making Lemon Bars and putting them out on the table for a party saying, "Hey everyone, the Lemony Snickets are done!" and enjoying every last bite of them.
In reality he is a talented person with an interesting name. I would know about the interesting name deal, my last name is McGahhey after all. Most people cannot even pronounce it correctly, but I have gotten so used to it that now I am more surprised when people do say it right. (If you don't know, it's pronounced mc-gay-he, like the famous Broncos players name). So I wonder if really we are even pronouncing it right. Maybe it's "la-mo-nee" or something, maybe, maybe not.
I admit that the books are on my reading list, along with hundreds of others, but I really love the movie. I think Jim Carrey is a hilarious actor in certain films, you may not agree but that's my opinion. I love him in The Grinch and in Series of Unfortunate Events especially. I feel like it's one of those movies that you either love or hate. I love it but the rest of the people in my house have only ever wanted to watch it maybe once a year. So when I do get to watch the movie I am very excited!
One of the things I really remember is the "Pasta Puttanesca! It means 'very few ingredients' you know." (I love to just say the word really, it's fun to say in an over exaggerated Italian accent.)
This is really my style of cooking though. You see my sister is like the left-overs queen! She looks in the fridge and somehow sees what other people don't and makes an amazing meal out of it. The downside being that she doesn't use recipes and if you like a certain dish, savor it, you will not get it again. She never makes the same thing twice because of this. Naturally, since I followed her everywhere growing up, I learned to make food the same way she does. I love making new dishes and following recipes but I also hate wastefulness so I try to use as much as I can from the fridge's Tupperware when I cook.

Last night I made "Pasta Puttanesca" with some basic things I found in the pantry and fridge. Half a box of Piccolini (bow tie) pasta, half a can of leftover peas, a can of tomato sauce, and a handful of some mozzarella cheese.

It came out looking like this.

You may think that putting peas in pasta is weird, but to add nutrients and extra flavor using green vegetables (peas, green beans, etc.) is pretty standards for my family.

It came out tasting really good though! I was surprised because I just wanted something to fill my stomach and usually I don't really like a can of sauce and some noodles, especially if there is no meat in it.

I later realized why this tasted so much better than it usually did. I had watched a Food Network special with Anne Burrel making Carbonara. She said in it that salting the water for the noodles well is what made them taste better, otherwise they are tasteless. When I make any type of noodle I usually add some oil and a pinch of salt to the water, just to help cook them and speed up the boiling process. This time I took her advice and added some oil and a nice amount of salt (I would say about half a table spoon or so).The noodles tasted so good! I kept wanting more pasta because I thought the noodles were so delicious!
So the tip for the day has to be to generously salt your water when cooking pasta, it will taste so much better that way.

While I was cooking last night I looked out one of the windows and something caught my eye. I bolted to get my camera and take a picture before anything changed.

I saw this. Yes, that is the view outside of my window. This is the reason I feel so blessed to live up in the Rockies.

I love the sky so much. I love stargazing, sunsets, rainbows, storms, you name it!
Whenever I fly I book a window seat and take pictures of clouds for almost the entire flight.

I see the sky and clouds like the worlds original water color painting. The colors change and it is just so gentle and always unique. The clouds look like brush strokes and the sky looks like the background. The creativity that goes into the sky is incredible and that is one of the reasons of why I see God as an artist. I also see all humans as artists as well, because we are made in His image. The thing that I hate to hear the most from people, especially children, is that they aren't creative. I think it is impossible for a person to not be creative. Just because you are not using your creativity does not mean you are not creative.

Challenge for today:

Do one thing creative. Draw, paint, write, cook, take a picture, style your hair or clothes, dance, sing, anything that you want to do! It's good to just take a moment to indulge in your personal creativity. Oh, and make sure to have fun~!

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole,