Project: Jewelry Board

I have always had problems with my jewelry. I have bought the special Earring Holders, in all shapes and sizes, and have segmented Jewelry Boxes galore! None of these sorting methods ever worked for me. I have lost a lot of earrings for being broken, and have untangled who knows how many necklace chains!

I also neglected several pieces of jewelry simply because of the "out of sight, out of mind" problem. I decided that I needed to sort things out in a way that I would like it, instead of what the store told me would work.

I made a "Jewelry Board" this week, and I have loved having it! The bathroom shelves were cluttered and I got to the point where I could not take it anymore, so I spend a couple hours, maybe even just one, putting this together! If you would like to make one too here are the simple steps and the things you will need.


- 1 Cork Board. You can get any size you like, you just need a board that is able to have tacks stuck into it.
- Thumbtacks, however many you may need depending on necklace amounts. (I put chains on the same tack to save on tacks and room.)
- 1 Sturdy Ribbon
- 1 Small, sealable container. I used a spice jar.
- Peal-able Magnet Strips.
(You will need superglue if they do not stick well, or do not stick at all.)

You should be able to find all of these at a craft store.

The spice container I used for my studs. Sure, you could just stab them into the board, but I prefer this method.

Take the small jar and either stick or superglue the magnet onto the bottom. Make sure that you check the sides when doing this, so that the magnets will stick to each other on the board, and not repulse each other.

You can either superglue or tack the other strip of magnet to the cork board. If you are using long strips you can tack, but if you can only find round ones you will need to glue it so make sure you know the right spot to put it. (I used tacks so I could move it later if I needed to.) 

Fill it with your studs, or anything else you like, and make sure it sticks to the other magnet securely. 

Next, take the ribbon and stretch it out tight across the board where you want it. You may want to fold it over itself if it is not very thick. Tack it in place. 

Add the rest of the thumbtacks about an inch apart across the top of the board. Once you have the ribbon, magnet, and thumbtacks in place, hang the board on your wall. 

I added some extra pictures and nick-nacks to the board to give it more character. 

You just need to have fun with this, adding anything you like to the sides! You can even buy a colored board or have playful tacks and ribbon! Jewelry should reflect your personality, so this board should do so as well~!

You can sort the necklaces any way you want as well. By color, style, length, etc. whatever you like! I'm the personality type that loves to sort things in a certain way, so it took me a while to put everything up on the board. (It also took a long time to untangle everything!)  

And there you have it! I love this project because it brings more color and quirkiness into my room, and it also makes things easier when I get ready in the morning! 

You can use this idea to store and sort anything really. I hope this inspired you a little to be creative with ordinary things, and gave you some ideas of your own! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,