Simply Natural: No Soaps - Opinions and Tips

It has been a couple months now since I started the "No Soaps Experiment" and so I just wanted a quick post about my overall opinion, as well as tips for people who want to try this!

The current system that I have now is no soap, but shampoo about every 5-7 days. I use "Lemonade Shampoo" in-between washes as well. I live in a very dry climate and so not washing my hair with shampoo at all was just too much.

My hair was producing too much oil, had a lot of static, and was starting to get unmanagable. It also made the upper part of my face break out because of all the oil in my scalp. (And we now all say "ewwww")

I found that just washing with shampoo about once a week works well. You may want to slowly ween yourself off of the shampoo, depending on how regularly you wash your hair now. I think a general rule of health for your hair is do not wash your hair with shampoo every day! Over-washing your hair is really bad for it in the end (you are stripping your hair of natural oils so it responds by producing even more!). So, you should start with every 3 days and ween yourself off, so that your hair does not over-produce oil.

Overall Tips

-You still want to wash your hair with water everyday, regardless of how often you wash with shampoo. If you let too much oil build up in your scalp, it will break out...Not fun. You also need to wash with a washcloth, etc. every day.

-Do not scrub your hair too much. You want to scrub it and clean up your scalp, but doing this for too long or too hard can be bad for you.

-Do not "over wash" your skin, especially your face. If you stay in water for too long, or scrub too much, you can strip your skin of it moisture and dry it out. You may want to scrub off all of the dry skin, but that's just adding to the problem. Your skin will heal on its own in the end, so don't try to "fix" it, then you end up making it worse.

-If you use conditioner in your hair, start using very little of it. Too much conditioner mixed with your hair producing oil will make your hair very greasy. When you use shampoo or conditioner you need to make sure to wash it out as thoroughly as possible.

-If your skin does get dry easily, you can use some Oatmeal Lotion or an all natural moisturizer, or lotion made specifically for the face with no added, weird, acne fighting chemicals. Letting it get too dry can also be bad for it, but be careful with the amount of lotion you use.

-When your hair is oily, and you have bangs, keep them out of your face! I know this is a big "duh", but I'm still going to say it. You need to make sure that it is not on your face, rubbing oil into your skin. You should also make sure of this when you are asleep.

-In general you need to not touch your face or hair. The oil in your hands will make things worse. If you are doing your hair, or need to touch your face, wash your hands first or use a comb/brush with your hair to fix it. (If you have bangs like me, you want to fix them a lot, but touching them makes them far more oily. So I keep a comb with me, Greese style!)

So, I am pretty much done with writing in this particular section of the Simply Natural series. I hope that this has helped for those considering doing this. My skin seems to be much better now, so I hope it works for others as well!