Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Christmas was wonderful this year, though it did not snow there was some on the ground at least. We spent time with my Mothers side of the family and I was able to see my cousins. All the girl cousins (six of us, two for each family) are pretty much a year apart each. We have such similar personalities that it is hilarious when we are all together, and loud!

We also spent New Years with them, another loud holiday! We spend January first looking through slides of the times we were together in the past and had a lot of fun.

Currently I have one of my best friends staying with me, she has been here since the 28th of December. I have not been able to write much since we have been spending time together. Hopefully we will have a lot more fun and I can have interesting trips to write about later. It is so much fun to have a person from California come to the mountains in the winter and watch them play in the snow and be amazed at every little thing that I take for granted every day. It takes a person visiting to realize what an amazing place you live in.

I have added another post on Love in the Faith blog, to read that click Here or on the photo.

Hopefully I will have another food post up soon, I have the pictures all ready and I just need to get the recipe written down. I am very excited though for the ones that are coming!

I am not too sure what else to write about. I can say that this Christmas I got a ton of lotions and soaps so it will be another year of smelling good for me!

I was able to spend some time playing in the snow and taking pictures with my friend, Britty! Here is a glimpse of ones I had fun with!

The best part of Christmas is family time, but I love taking the time to realize how amazing the birth of Christ really was... Just that one moment in time was so incredible, and the whole Bible was leading up to it! The moment He was born, Jesus was meant to die so that I should live... I am so grateful for that!

The year is starting anew, and I am hoping it wont really end on 12/12/21. This year I am buckling down and I plan to be in the process of publishing before it is over! I love the start of a new year when we can take hold of our life and really focus it. The old has now passed away and the new, and better, is to come!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season, now we just need to wait 300 days for the to start up again.

Challenge of the Day:

Write down at least one thing you plan to accomplish or do differently this year. Not a "New Years Resolution", since those pretty much always fail.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,
- C.A.M.