I Have Rainbows on a Snowy day!

Photo Credit: Harley Franklin

The forecast for this week is snow and wind, everyday! I am all for the snow, but the wind is so strong! I feel like little Piglets should be flying by my window saying, "Oh, D-d-d-d-dear!" it is so blustery out! The curtains in my room keep billowing because my windows are not able to seal all the way, and the wind is just to strong anyhow. I am scared to leave my cozy blanket and venture anywhere into the cold. 

I find it very funny when people say things like, "You need to get out more", or, "Go and get some fresh air" to me. The fact of the matter is that I cannot really go outside in Colorado during the winter! I would freeze, fly away, and or be able to breath if I did! If I were still in California then I would go out, but I have to find productive things to do indoors for most of the year since I live in the mountains. 

The fun and unexpected things that happened today were gifts! My mother finished making a Rainbow Scarf for me, and my Father made me a little frame to use for a necklace or key chain. 

I have been pretty strict on the colors in a rainbow since a very young age. I always made my crayon drawings "ROYGBIV" and could not stand it if I could not make it so. My mom was very good at getting the scarf right, even down to my artistic pet-peeves!

The gift that was more "unexpected" was a late Christmas Gift from my Dad. He took the drawing I did for that year and made a little frame around it! He said I could use it like a key chain or a pendant. So put it on a chain, since I keep a few laying around for new necklaces, and made it jewelry! I think it is pretty fun, he said it was what I considered "Mod" or "Steam Punk" and I agreed! It's double sided with a drawing of me and my sister on it. The covering is supposedly a bulletproof one, because he knows how easily I break things. 

It is so awesome when you are having a cold, and downcast day and the people in your life know how to brighten it up! 

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This is probably going to be a long series, so I hope you are able to keep up with it! 

Also, there is a lot of talk going around about "SOPA" right now, so I suggest staying informed about it and making your own decisions. 

Challenge of the Day:

Do something to brighten up the day of another person in your life! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,