Snowy Mountains & Scones

Sorry for the wait!
Recently this website has not been recognizing the photos I uploaded into iPhoto, so until I could get the photos on here I could not allow myself to write about this trip. (Disclaimer, I do not blame either program, I love them both)

The second day of touring the area around where I live, we ventured into Breckenridge, CO! This is a Ski Resort town and so it is very tourist based. Also known as, "Expensive and crowded"!  Hurray! No.
It was a very enjoyable trip, but I will still say this. Me and Britt. both are very claustrophobic around too many people, big crowds. So a town filled with people everywhere we had our...Awkward feeling moments.

While we were there we mainly rode the Gondolas up to the peaks, as high as we could go without paying for it. The first one was mainly a huge resort and we took a few pictures, I liked the architecture and Britt. liked to scenery. The next one up was a restaurant, more skiing slopes and buildings.

I loved the trees and the pristine, white snowy mountains up there! And the buildings really were neat looking and very fun to mess with for photos with all the angles you could go from.

It really seemed like a town where modern art and natures art came together in many ways.

This photo (to the right) was a lucky shot. I could barely see what my camera was because it partially broke and the screen is very dim most of the time. I wanted to get the lines of nature and manmade to match up in a way, and I really lucked out that it came out well!

Sadly, I could not take very many photos of the gondola ride itself. The windows were scratched up and there was a terrible glare, but I managed to get one!

On the way down there was a friendly person joining us, and one can't help but feel out of place when you are dressed normally in a gondola going up to ski and snowboard. So it was pretty funny when we were asked "Where's your skiing gear?" and "Which do you do, skiing or snowboarding?"

My cousins snowboard but since I have spent most of my life out of Colorado, despite being born here, I never picked up winter sports.

The rest of Breckenridge was mainly walking back up to our car. We stopped in a museum, a park, and a small pie and ice-cream shop named "Mimi's" and I enjoyed a cup of Espresso Chunk while walking back.

The next few days I only had a few really interesting things happen.

I made scones for the first time, and I found that it is really easy to make! My first attempt I forgot to add the strawberries to the dough and so they sat on top. And I also forgot to fold over the dough. The next attempt will be better!

Joby spent his time sucking up to Britt. and sleeping.

He was also treated to a bone after it was finished cooking up some soup broth. He even came up to me to show it off, and brag, before he ate it!

Today we took my friend to the airport and I will miss her very much. I can hardly wait until we see each other again!

Challenge of the day:
Take some photos on a walk today, or draw them if you have no camera. Buildings, animals, landscapes, etc.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,

(Soon to come! Scones attempt 2, new room, future plans, and fun with hair!)