Product Review: HBMIC "Vitamin C Ampule Mask"

After a pretty stressful week, it was time for me to break out the face masks! Every now and then you just need to sit back, apply a sheet mask, and listen to some calming music, to make the stress melt away. When I went to K-Con in California, there were several Korean cosmetic stands around, and I bought a handful of masks on discount from one of the booths. HBMIC is not a "major" cosmetic company that everyone knows about, but they do make some quality products.

HanBang MeIn Cosmetic's Vitamin C Ampule Mask
(5 out of 5)

Sheet masks are one of the easiest things to apply, making them easy to use every week or so. Just slide your finger across the top, rip it open, and gently take the mask out and unfold it. You can leave it on from 10-60 minutes, if you want, and massage the leftovers into your skin. I like to apply the excess that gets on my hands to my skin before I lay on the mask, and use the leftover liquid on my face throughout the day. There are so many types and brands of sheet masks, that you can use a different one every week, probably for the rest of your life! Instead of focusing on drying or peeling out pimples, or scrubbing off dirt, sheet masks focus on giving direct nutrition to your skin. You can pick which mask you want to use by the benefits that it gives, or just by what sounds good that day.

I decided to go with the Vitamin C mask, because it contains citrus to even out skin tone, help with acne scars, and kills bacteria that causes acne. It's also really energizing for your skin, and the Vitamin C gives your skin a huge boost. The mask is also made with Witch Hazel, Althaea Rosea Flower, Konjac Root, Nymphaea Root, and Aloe extracts. Needless to say, there's a lot going on in this mask! The serum for the mask is a thin, clear, liquid that's closer to a watery gel than cream or lotion. It has a light citrus scent to it, that's not too strong or overwhelming. It feels extremely cold when you first apply the mask, but it warms up after a while. The sheet material is soft and thick, like cotton, which absorbs the liquid really well, and is pretty sturdy. My favorite part about this ask may be that it sticks to your face really well! I've had problems with masks falling off, unsticking, or dripping down my neck, and I didn't get any of that with this one. I could move around pretty easily, without worrying about the mask falling off. (Thought you still don't want to move your mouth.) Another interesting part about this mask is that the parts for the eyes weren't punched out completely, so you could fold down the flaps down like little cushions for under your eyes, just be careful not to get it in your eyes! Plus, the liquid absorbs into your skin really well when you take it off, and isn't sticky or uncomfortable to keep on.

Overall, this mask did a fantastic job! My skin felt fresh, and I could see the results after just one use. My skin looked more toned, and felt a lot softer as well. The results also continued until the next day, as I continued to apply a bit of the serum the night before, and improved my complexion a lot for just using one mask for 3o minutes! If you were to consistently use this mask I'm sure the results would continue to improve, so it's definitely worth trying out! The only problem with this is that it's a bit more difficult to buy, if there isn't a shop or convention table near you. I bought these for about $2-$3 each as a package deal, so I'm unsure how much they usually are (probably not that much more though). You can occasionally find HBMIC products on ebay or online, but the main place to buy them is from their online store. The reason that can be a problem is that the store website is completely in Korean. The have an English Page on the website, but the Shop Section is in Korean. If you really want to order from them, and you don't read or speak Korean, you can try emailing them via their contact info to order instead. Because they make high quality, natural products, it's probably worth trying to find a way to buy from them.
If you've ever used this mask, or products from HBMIC, let me know what you thought in the comments!

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