Product Review: Peripera "Rouge Pang Lipstick"

It used to be very difficult to buy red lipstick in Korea because pinks and oranges were the most popular. Lately, red lipsticks have been gaining popularity and it's becoming easier to find them. I had wanted a deep red one for a while and this was one of the first that I saw that didn't have strong pink or orange undertones, although it's still a brighter cherry red color, and I've been using it ever since. This is the first time I bought a product from the brand Peripera, and after this one I actually bought a few other products for them (which I will be writing about soon).

Brand: Peripera 

Product: Rouge Pang Lipstick (RD01 Mature)

Lasting Time: 5 - 8 Hours 

Color/Tone: Bright Red

Finish: Slight Gloss

Expiration: 12 Months

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

The Rouge Pang series of lipsticks comes in 8 different colors ranging from hot pink to burgundy and red. All of them are extremely vibrant colors that stand out, and were made for people who want their lips to "pop!" (aka "pang!"). While I only bought one at the time it was difficult to decide which to buy because all of the colors were really nice. When I bought this one I was currently working on a project where I dressed in vintage style for 30 days, so I went for a bright cherry red color.

I've applied it with a brush before which gave the top that texture

The shape is flatter than the classic lipstick shape, however there is still a slight slant. I really liked the packaging because it's simple and you can tell what color it is before opening because the outside matches the lipstick color almost exactly. I've had lipsticks in the past where all of the tubes were identical so I had to open them all before finding the one I wanted. But with this brand I could always find the one I wanted fast, which is helpful for busy people like myself. The cap pops off easily and it also twists up and down smoothly. The shape of the lipstick matches the shape of my lips well, so it's easy to just dab it on when applying.

The lipstick has moisturizers in it and a very smooth and creamy texture. It glides on well and doesn't show the creases in your lips or dry spots as much as others I've used. This is usually a problem because despite all my attempts at making them smooth my lips are constantly dry. You can either use a brush or apply it directly, whichever you are more comfortable with. You can also line your lips first with the outside of the lipstick because of the sharp edges that it has from the flat shape. The color is not a deep red, however I like the playfulness of the bright red tone. 

You can either apply a thick layer and really define the edges, but I prefer to blend it slightly on the edges and wear a lighter layer. I have very pale skin so the contrast is really strong on me, and to be honest it took a while for me to adjust t having my lips stand out so much! But after wearing it a few times I grew really attached to the look. As far as lasting power goes, I've eaten with this lipstick on and worn it for a full day before and only needed to apply it after wiping my mouth, and even then it wasn't necessary but I just wanted to keep the colors bright. It doesn't come off with water and takes a bit of scrubbing with makeup remover to completely come off, so I would say that it really sticks on once you apply it.

Tip: When applying lipstick I learned that the best way to get it to stay on for a long time is to apply it once and use a tissue to get off the excess, then apply another coat and dab with the tissue again slightly, and then finish with a light dusting translucent powder (this can also make it look more matte depending on the powder you use).

Overall, I would highly recommend trying out this brand. I bought mine at Olive Young for around 10,000 won on a sale, and you can also find it online at shops like Amazon for around $12. I've had this tube for about 6 months now and still have a lot left, so I don't think I'll need to replace it until the expiration date.

If you've ever tried out this lipstick, in Mature or any other colors, please let me know in the comments what you thought! Lipstick can look different depending on your skin tone so I'm always curious to know what others think. And if you have any other brands or colors you think I should try let me know!

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole,

- C.A.M.