My Experience at the BIGBANG Galaxy Alive Concert!

My favorite band, including Japanese, Korean, and English, is Big Bang. I am not ashamed to admit my bias towards each and every one of them. One of the first albums that I reviewed was their Alive one, so to be able to attend the Alive Tour Concert was amazing! I had been planning on going to the concert and everything seemed to go wrong. The tickets for the November 3rd concert sold out in under a couple hours (and the tickets were sold for up to $1,500 on off-party websites), and my hopes were pretty much crushed at that point. I had planned to go to California to attend this concert, but I kept my plane tickets and attended K-Con as well.  I later found out that they were going to have another concert so I stuck to my computer and hit refresh on Ticket Master to buy tickets the second they went on sale, and most of them were already sold! I got really lucky and was able to get 2 tickets for the November 2nd show literally one row down from the top of the stadium, but I could care less because just being there was enough for me. I knew that it would mean that I may be pretty much broke for my whole trip out, but I thought that it was worth it. I had planned makeup and nail tutorials for the event, but a couple nails fell off because of an accident, and also got a lot of skin problems, and moved from house to house, so I wasn't able to put them up. I decided that I was going to have a good time anyways and not let anything get me down, and I had an amazing time!

I went to the concert with my brother, a new Big Bang fan, and we both had a blast. They were really organized when it came to letting people into the stadium, making things easy for us. Unlike other K-Pop concerts that I've gone to, this one had Merchandise for sale around the arena! I had to get a Light Stick, because that's half the fun of the concert, so I was glad they had them for sale there. Though the seats were up really high, I still had a pretty good view of the stage because of the angle and the screens. The atmosphere was also amazing! Just Music Videos of the bands sent everyone reeling and it was a lot of fun to join in with the cheers! I was shaking more every minute that the performance got closer, and when they came out I thought that I might cry. I loved the intro, with the space pod theme! It made perfect sense, like they were in cryogenic sleep and that's why they are frozen for the posters and photos on the album! The "Bringing Big Bang to your Galaxy" theme was great, and I loved all of the videos that they used throughout the concert (I'm not going to give too much away though).

After BIGBANG entered, they sang a few songs for the opening, introduced themselves (like they need one though) and had everyone scream as loud as they could, which was pretty easy. The fire effects were so hot that I could feel them where I was, and they looked awesome, and the confetti/streamer shooters looked like fun as well. They had break dancers come out and perform while they changed for the rest of the show, and the stage changed to more of a town setting, then GD and TOP came out on gold-pimped out Segways, like in Knock Out, and Taeyang used a Bicycle. TOP and G-Dragon went backstage to change, and Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri stayed behind and taught everyone the dance to Fantastic Baby (after they had performed it, but it would be on later), and also talked about how happy there were to be in California for the first time. My favorite part of their intros and conversation was Seungri's English, which he warned everyone about by saying "My English, not so good", followed by, "Let's...Gonna... Have a crazy party time tonight!" Later, Taeyang tried to help him with his English and Seungri simply said, "go away", jokingly. It was pretty funny in the "I love you a hundred times more now" kind of way. Most of them sad "What's up Cali! I love the Sunshine state!" They also did a beatbox version of Crayon before G-Dragon performed it himself, along with a new song, and then he did a free style rap that was in English and really good. (As far as English goes, in order of best to not the best, it's Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP and Daesung, and then Seungri.) The rest of the concert was a blur so I may not list my favorite parts in the right order, but I'm going to try!

There were other solos after G-Dragons, and they also had GD and TOP perform songs off of their joint album (one of my favorite albums of all time). Seungri rode on a platform that lifted him up in the air while he sang, and he did a wonderful job. Taeyang was awesome with the way he came out and grabbed the mic, I swear he is one of the coolest people alive, which he proved later when he seriously ripped his shirt off and did backflips. The way he sang was really smooth, and I think he was one of the crowd favorites, especially since he danced a lot throughout the night, along with G-Dragon. When Daesung came out for his solo, Wings, he put on Anime style angel wings and floated above the crowd like a boss! It was really amazing and I was freaking out when it happened, I don't think I'll see that at another concert. Another exciting thing was that it was TOP's Birthday! We got to sing him happy birthday and he did a birthday dance (and watching TOP dance is one of the best things ever, because if we are honest he is the worst dancer in the group), and ended his dance by saying "I'm so shy".

While people were singing along with most of the songs, doing a great job sounding like the perfect concert crowd hitting all the queues, the one we sang along to the most was Haru Haru. The stadium flipped a lid when Haru Haru came on, including myself. GD said, "Do you love this song?", and had us sing it after we all screamed yes. Seeing the whole stadium singing along and moving the lights to the beat was incredible, and it made me emotional. There are times when I feel like I'm by myself in my love for K-Pop, and being around so many people passionate about the same band is such a good feeling, and all the fans coming together to sing for the band was so special. The whole concert was so freaking, mind-blowingly awesome, and a "Knock Out"! I can't hi-light certain songs because they all rocked, and I don't want to spoil things or just go into too much detail on things. Everyone sang along, the band had incredible stage presence, and they were all so great towards the fans. After they "finished" the concert, after cheering for five minutes, they came out for an encore (decked out in new clothes). They performed about three more songs, and also introduced their band to everyone. After that they were like, "we really do have to go now!" and I loved the way TOP and GD sang a bit of "Baby Goodnight" behind the stage while they exited.

Overall, this was one of the best nights of my entire night! My favorite is always TOP, and I screamed the most for him that night, because his deep voice sounds amazing live, but I like to think that I love them all equally these days. After I watched reality shows I liked them all even more, and now that I saw them live I somehow love them even more than before. Each of them have something special, and BIGBANG would not be the same if any of them weren't there. My voice is shot from screaming like a maniac all night, and I had the biggest, stupidest looking, smile on my face the whole night. I get the same goofy look whenever I think about it, it was almost like a dream now. Whenever I hear one of their songs, which is often, I can't help but smile and even giggle a bit knowing that I was there to see them live! It's just so unreal that I was in the same building as my favorite Korean band, and got to hear all of my favorite songs live from them! It sounds really cheesy, but I feel like I wasn't just ecstatic that night but that the rest of my life I'm a bit happier knowing that I was able to see them live at least once. I know that some people were unable to go, and I'm really sorry, because I know how that feels to miss out. I was crying for days when all the tickets sold out to the first show, and if I could give away tickets to everyone I would. If you are ever able to see BIGBANG live don't hesitate! They are one of the best live bands that I've ever seen, with the effects, stage presence, and dedication to fans. I really think that everyone should get a chance to see them, and that once you do you will like them even more than before.

When they turned off the lights before the concert started
I know this is a random post, but I really wanted to write about my experience because it was a big part of my life, just like this blog and all my readers are. I hope that I'm able to see Big Bang again, and maybe even meet them, and for now I am satisfied by just watching them do their best from row 444! BIGBANG FIGHTING!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,

I put a couple photos I took on here with my phone (because I don't take any of the concert or anything, only posters and the stage, to keep things legal), but you can find the official pictures on BIGBANG's Facebook Here to see some photos from the concert I was at!