Music Review: 4K "Rocking Girl"

As I look into smaller Korean groups more, I discover all of the great music that I have been missing! There are so many bands out there with talent, but they are either just starting out or have a small company that they are working for, so don't think that a small company means small talent! This is one of the bands that I recently looked at, who released a small album, that I instantly fell in love with! I am sad that I didn't discover them earlier, so I wanted to let you know about them! This will be a fairly short review, so here we go!

4K's First Mini Album Rocking Girl, released June 21st 2012! 

I know this is "a little old", but I still really wanted to review it. Sadly, there's not too much that I can find out about the band, since they just debuted, despite my tries to find out more. The members are Cory, Seok-Jun, Sung-Oh, and Ki-Su. Their music is relaxing and acoustic, which is a nice break from all the heavy bass, electronic, music. There's nothing wrong with that music, I love it myself, but it's nice to listen to some calming music as well. Their motto is "I always want to convey a sense of enjoyment", which you can feel through their music. If there was ever a CD for your Springtime and Summer Picnics, this would be it!  The album is short, as most debut album are, and very well done. They have released Music Videos for two of the four songs, Rocking Girl & Bye Bye Bye! These are also simple, but they match the music very well that way.
(NOTE: They just came out with a MV for Winter Sonata as well! 7/23/12)

Their music is like classic acoustic ought to sound! It reminds me a little of Standing Egg, if I had to compare them to another band, but less "jazzy". It just sounds like you're in the room with them, and you're all friends, just having a jam session. It is such a relaxing and enjoyable album, with the soft and skilled vocals and instruments! I have a very big soft spot for acoustic music, so this album was one that I instantly bought after just one listen! They focus more on the music and harmonizing than anything, plus I really like the setting for the album cover and MV's, it has the same casual feel as the sound of he band. All the songs sound similar, in that "I know what band this is!" kind of way. It's just their style, so it's not about having a different sound and genre to every song. Let's move on to the songs!

- Rocking Girl

This one has several guitars playing in slightly different styles. The sound of this is great, like the music is harmonizing like voices! The "beat" it mainly just tapping the guitar, and it sounds like there is a an acoustic type drum as well (like a Bongo or Djembe?),  there also sounds like a light stringed instrument in the background (like a Cello or Violin?), and some other indistinct sounds I can't exactly identify (which I love! I think it may be Keys? Hmmm). It sounds simple and well put together. The sound of the music seems more complex the more intently that you listen to it. You can just relax and listen to the song, or you can listen closely and pick it apart and all of its complexities. (I prefer to do the later first, it makes it more enjoyable to me later.) The song has the feel of sitting under a shady tree on a sunny afternoon in a park. I can almost see and hear the leaves rustling, and feel the wind and warmth of the sun on my face, while I listen to it. It instantly soothes my mind, and is highly addictive. The English is also very good!

- Bye Bye Bye

No, this sounds nothing like 'N Sync's version! So get that thought out of your mind! This song is like the last in it's sound, but slightly different. I like to think of it like when you have two shades of the same color, and are blending them together. They flow into each other and are "the same" but are unique in their own way, and the match isn't exact, but they compliment each other. (I hope that makes sense!) This is a real foot-tapping song, and I really love the main vocals in it. The beat sort of "taps" and stops at points, and have a "building"feeling, like building emotions, or thought patterns. I like the English a lot, they did a great job! I'm pretty sure that Cory is the one who's fluent in English, but I could be wrong. It have a nice instrumental part halfway through the song, but it doesn't feel "empty" when they stop singing. The music sounds so full and complex that with or without singing it sounds nice, but the vocals do add a lot to it. This one shows off a lot of vocal talent, which makes me want to hear them more!

- Winter Sonata 

This is the softest song on the album. It's mainly a piano for the background music, and has an emotional, sad, feeling to it. There are slight strings, but mainly the song is simplistic, in the best way. It really does remind me of Winter! It sounds a bit like Standing Egg's "First Christmas", or any other christmas kind of song, they both have that "winter feel" to them, but not in that corny way. The high vocals, and light echo, make the song really delicate and beautiful. The emotions also really show through, in the way that you understand what the lyrics are without knowing them. I like this "ballad" song on the album a lot and I think that it adds to it as well.

- Rocking Girl (Mr)

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what "Mr" is supposed to mean, so I won't pretend to. I like this track though! It's not just an instrumental of the song, it's more like a "background track". There are small background, harmony-type, vocal parts at points of the song. You get a feel for the music more than vocals, but aren't completely stripped of them. You get to know them more as musicians in this one, so it's a good note to end on. You could also take this one and just use it to sing along to yourself, if you like that.

The album is meant to be, "the story-telling artwork of love", it makes sense to me at least! It really does sound like the journey of love to me. Overall, this is a great album to own for the Summer! It's got that great, relaxing, outdoors feel to it. You can buy it Online, on Amazon, or iTunes, for between $4-$8. It's a pretty great deal for the album, even though it's short. So give it a listen and see if you like it yourself! If you love good music, acoustic sounds, and need something to listen to on a busy day, than try it out! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this band in the future!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,