Pumpkin on the Brain

So it is pretty depressing when you wait all year to decorate for Christmas...And things keep going awry...

Usually me, my sister, and my mom decorate the house together. My sister does a lot of the decorating because she enjoys it the most, I am usually the tape holder, ladder older, hander of various sundries, and the nic-nak placer. This year my sister s unable to be here to decorate so I already know that it is going to be difficult.

The other thing that makes me unable to decorate properly is that a couple days after Thanksgiving, this Sunday, I pretty much got sick and cannot move very much right now... I hope that this will also go away because I just want to decorate really bad!

Besides that disappointment I have had many other things on my mind. Plans seem to be going alright for my family to all be together the week before Christmas and have a little celebration! I am very excited to see my sister, brother, future sister-in-law, and spend that time together as a family. I also found a fun Food Blog the other day called "Sugar Crafter" and it has a lot of delicious looking recipes, so I look through that a lot now. I am hoping that this week I can try the pumpkin recipes she has on there. Lattes, Monkey Bread, and pancakes are the main ones that I want to try. I will let you know if they are any good so that you can enjoy them as well!

I am making plenty of pumpkin goodies lately because I only needed a few ounces of our pumpkin puree for the pie I made so I had a bunch left over. Then we are able to get leftover cans from our neighbors as well, hurray!

Baking is one of my favorite things to do and so Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, they have such distinct flavors. Pumpkin, caramel, and cinnamon spiced in the Fall, then more cinnamon, mint and ginger in the winter. The flavors are so "warm" and "homey" tasting and I love it! This makes me think of Hospitality. I really want to have an open home filled with peace and snacks when I have my own place. Entertaining and comforting people is so wonderful in my opinion and I find it is very necessary for a woman to have, especially a Christian Woman.

This reminds me of my other recent discovery, Darling Magazine, I found this blog made by several women and after a few minutes of reading I subscribed! I love knowing that I am not the only woman who thinks a certain way and to read these articles is such a blessing to me. I would definitely check this out if I were you!

So as I am on the mend and scheming all the things I plan to do in these next couple months I hope that you are enjoying your day~!

Challenge of the Day:

Either bake something to eat with friends and family or invite someone over just to spend time together today.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,