Day at the Home Spa: Blonde Hair Treatment

The other day I treated myself to a kind of mini spa treatment with things I had around the house. They both worked so well that I wanted to write about it! First I want to talk about treating blonde hair, and later I'll be posting about a Coffee Scrub. Also, this treatment lightens and highlights any hair color, not just blonde, but is usually used for blonde hair. (Please keep in mind that I'm talking about natural hair color here and not dyed hair.)

One of the things about blonde hair is that keeping it light can be tough. It fades easily if you don't treat it right. Some people have really light hair that never fades, other people have the kind that can get darker and darker over time. I'm in the second group, obviously, so I try to keep my hair at the same color a lot of the time. Dying it can be a solution, but I don't really like dying my hair and then constantly having to do maintenance on the roots. I also don't want my hair to get too dark. I have nothing against dark hair, but I just like keeping mine the color that looks nice on me. (And making sure it continues to match my eyebrows.)

There are several ways that a person can treat their hair without directly dying it. A few that I can list are;

- Using "Sun In", a spray that highlights your hair when your out in the sun
- Using Blonde shampoo and conditioner (I like the John Frieda Sheer Blonde one)
- Washing your hair with cold water instead of warm. (In general cold showers are better because hot water can dull your hair and skin)
- Getting as much sunlight as possible
- Using a hair treatment with lemon, which is what I'm going to write about

There are several ways that a person can go about making this. I made one with 1 cup of Chamomile tea and added in lemon juice a while back, I've made a hairspray of equal parts Chamomile with water and lemon juice before as well. But the one I did the other day was much more direct, I just used pure lemon. I put straight lemon juice into my hair without diluting it at all. Sounds a bit too simple to write about , but that's the best part!

The citric acid and vitamin c in the lemon helps lighten your hair (and skin), which is why it's simple but you also need to be careful with it. It's UV light that slowly lightens things as they're exposed to the sun, and the acid in the lemon juice speeds up this process. This is the reason you don't want lemon juice on your skin when you go outside because it can damage it because it boosts the power of the sun. It can also help even if you don't sit out in the sun, though the effects aren't as fast. You don't want to do it too much because of the risk of damaging your hair, but using it to maintain your hair every couple weeks or so is fine.

When using lemon in your hair the amount of lemons you need depends on the size of the lemons and the length and thickness of your hair. I have long, thick hair, so I need about 4 medium-large lemons. You can decide how you want to apply it yourself. You can either squeeze all the lemons and pour the juice into your hair, or you can squeeze the lemons directly into your hair. I've done it both ways.

If you want to apply the lemons directly make sure to remove the seeds from the lemons, at least as many as you can, first after you cut them in half. However you decide to apply it though you need to be in a place where you can make a mess. Outside, in the bathroom, or on tile would be the best places. Also, make sure to wear a shirt that you can get juice on just in case. Once your hair is completely soaked in lemon you can leave it down and go outside, or if you're too busy for that just put it in a bun on top of your head. You can let it sit for a couple hours to half a day, the longer it's in the more it works, but make sure not to leave it in for over a day. Once you're ready rinse out your hair and wash it as usual.

My hair did look a bit lighter and had some extra highlights after one treatment! It also felt a lot softer, like I had used a deep conditioner on it. If you do have blonde hair, or have darker hair that you want to highlight, this is a simple and easy way to do that. You can leave it in when your at the beach or if you're just around the house and not planning to go anywhere. Your hair pretty much just looks perpetually wet with the lemon in it, so it depends on how much you care about the way it looks when your out for when you have it in. This isn't for a dramatic difference, it's for keeping it light or gently accenting your hair. Have you ever done a lemon treatment on your hair before? If so, how did you like it? Or do you have any other ways to keep your hair light? Let me know in the comments!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,