Fun with Frames and Food!

Recently I found a pair of fake glasses that I had packed away a while ago. I have to say, I have always loved glasses, I think they are really cool and look good on people. I am also the only child in my family who does not need glasses, at all. When I did my eye exam I read to the bottom, no problem, we joke that I can read the "Made in Taiwan" at the corner of the chart. I can also spot "Slug Bugs" on an off-ramp 5 roads over.

Needless to say, I have never needed glasses and my vision is perfect... So my life-long dream of wearing glasses cannot be fulfilled. Though there has been the "new trend" of wearing bulky glasses, and getting them non-perscription, or, simply glassless! I would not wear these everyday at the risk of becoming "Poser/Hipster/Scene Kid/Any other kind of generic style that wears them", because I am odd and I don't like those styles very much. But, I will put them on and have fun taking some pictures! So I did that the other day, and I liked the photos very much!

This does bring something to my attention. I realized that I got to a point in my life where I really did not care what others thought of me, and this is when I started really having fun! Limiting who we are is painful and depressing, trying to fit in and be accepted by other people is tiring and stressful, and not being who you are makes you question who you really are! I am a Geek, I dress differently than a lot of  other people! Some think that I dress "cute", others think I am just way out of style and lame. But who care about their opinion? The days where I dress to fit in, and not how I feel comfortable, I feel terrible and uncomfortable in my own skin! I have changed clothes multiple times because I would dress a certain way, and not feel myself. I think about it a lot how if people would be themselves I would like society a whole lot more. There would not be "cliqs/or clicks", but friendships really. 

"Birds of a feather" and all. Most of my close friends are pretty different than I am. We wear different clothes, like different people, have different personalities, etc. The thing that draws us all together is that we are ourself and we do not care about acting like Dorks around each other! I choose my friends on who is not afraid of looking Geeky/Stupid/Dorky, and will be themselves, and be honest. I find that the most beautiful people are the ones who care more about their internal beauty than outward beauty. The ones who do not lather on makeup and try too hard to fit in. And my friends are the ones who appreciate me most when I am completely myself. I love wearing glasses, putting my bangs in a whale spout, and taking pictures, and that's okay!

They are my fellow peas in a pod, the condiments to my bread, and the Jonathan to my David! I truly hope that we all can have friends like this, but if you don't, it starts with just being YOU.

Now that I got that out of my system! 

I wrote a new blog post in the Food Blog! It is how to cook an amazing bowl of ramen, and it is very easy. So, please, check it out! 

Click on the picture or Here, as usual! 

Challenge of the day:

Write down a few things that you like that you have held back on because of fear of judgement from others. Example: I like Korean Dramas, Cheesy Puns, and cleaning to music while I dance with brooms and invisible people! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,