Tourism and Tasty Cakes!

The past few days have been interesting. I have gone out of the house more than I usually do and was able to explore Colorado with my visiting friend, "Britty".

I was also able to get in some good photography shots while we were out!

The first stop for the "tour" was my own town, Fairplay. The picture here is the library which as actually one of the last stops. It was the old courthouse, and had a "Hangin' Tree" out back.

The best part of the Library was that listed on the shelf for "Non-Fiction" were books like "Folkore, The Grimm Brother collection, Favorite Fairy Tales", and "Goblins". I may not be a Master Librarian, but I see something wrong with this picture...

I feel so relieved to know these things are all real! My theories from childhood were correct! (I kid, I kid) Though, it would be very scary if Goblins were running around the place...

You cannot see it very well in the picture, but I am being serious.

We also explored an old hotel that my Great Grandfather and Grandfather used to spend their time in. There was a fun gift shop, rustic decorations, and a wonderful old fashioned peace around the place.

I hope to one day just have a cup of coffee in that place and relax for a bit.

After a long day of exploring we got home and then made dinner and very Kawaii/cute desserts!

I made my "famous" Alfredo, Chicken this time. I make it all from scratch and it is very fun to make!

For dessert I will give a quick back story.

I recently found a cooking channel on Youtube called "Cooking with Dog". It has a few of my favorite things:

- Japanese recipes I have always wanted to know and could never find
- A cute dog, narrating
- Japanese trying to speak english and mispronouncing a few words, like I would with Japanese

I am looking into all of the recipes on this channel, but the one we made was the on I have always wanted to do. "Japanese Christmas Cake".
This is basically a Strawberry Shortcake with layers that is decorated with chocolate and Christmas ornaments. I finally found the "proper" way to make it!

This was also one of the most difficult things I have ever baked, ever! She made it look so much easier! I hope to try again soon and get better, though living at 10,000 feet hurts baking abilities...

So instead of making a big one we made four small ones with my handy, dandy ramekins! That way we could each decorate two however we wanted.

I squealed and giggled through most of the decorating process because I could not resist how adorable they were! I did the ones on the Left, Britty did the ones to the right. We used small Espresso plates to put them on, to give you an idea of how big they were. Coincidentally, we had a cup of Espresso with them as we ate as well! Might as well use the cups as well, I thought.

Over all it was a very fun day!

I was also to get some writing done these past few days, for novels as well as blogs.

I posted a recipe in the food blog for French Toast, click on the picture to see it!

I made the dish a while back but finally got to posting it, I still have others I need to put up...

After Fairplay we explored Breckenridge, you will have to read about that later. I have had a long night of being sore and watching Korean Dramas, *yawn*, so that is all for tonight!

Challenge of the day:

Learn something new about the place/town/city that you live in. There is so much history all around us, and we need to take the time to learn and explore it!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,