Product Review: The Face Shop "Face It Power Perfection BB Cream"

The Face Shop - "Face It Power Perfection BB Cream"

(4.5 out of 5)

I know that I just did a post about BB Cream recently, and said I was pretty much done with experimenting. But! I cannot resist free samples, especially the ones I got recently in my package from Cosmetic Love (Hurray!).
I tried this one out, and I can say from the get-go that this one is pretty good! So, I'll make this short and sweet~

This one is in "Natural Beige", but it still matched to my lighter skin tone and seems to match to your skin tone quickly. So do not worry about getting the lighter one so much, unless you have light skin and want it to look even lighter.
It has SPF37, and PA++ like most BB Creams do. It is also a kind meant to help with firming and whitening your skin. This is the first time that I have used "The Face Shop" products, but I can say that this was a good quality product!

The cream itself is a bit thinner than others I have tried, and I liked that part a lot. It was easier to apply because it was thinner, thought that also means if you want a lot of coverage you will need to layer it.

Overall, it has a slight sheen, that becomes more prominent the longer you wear it, and good coverage. It evens out your skin tone fairly well, even with one thin layer!

The feel of it is light and comfortable! It does not claim to have as many extracts as others do, but it still feels healthy. I think that my favorite part about this one is that it is meant for dry skin! My skin did not have a "dried out" look when I applied it, and still does not!

A lot of BB Creams are "moisturizing", but they can still make your skin look dry if it already is. So if you have dry patches on your skin, I would recommend that you try this one out!

I noticed that my skin does not feel as soft in this one as it did in others, so that is a slight drawback for it. Personally, I want my BB Cream to make my skin feel soft during and after use. So the only downside that I see is that it does not have as many extracts and vitamins as others, and does not feel as soft.

Overall, great for dry skin, good coverage, and easy application! This is a good BB Cream for daily use and I would definitely go with this one if you have dry skin. Not much more to say about this one because it worked well and doesn't seem to have many downsides.

I have drier skin and so a full bottle of this kind may be in my future! I really do love the way my skin looks in it, even though it doesn't feel as soft, it looks healthy and soft.

I got this as a free sample, but you can purchase it for about $20, and that bottle should last you a while.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,