Product Review: "Cosmetic Love"

(Authors Note 2016: I used to order from this company a lot, however it's now been years since I ordered anything from them, since I live in Korea and it's not really necessary anymore. I had many people tell me recently that the company has not been sending orders or had bad customer service, so I don't know if I can really recommend them as I did during the time that I wrote this.) 

One of my new, favorite websites has to be "Cosmetic Love"! I had a few things that I wanted to try out, so I made a purchase from this newly discovered website. After I ordered once, I ordered again shortly after! (It's now a "love-hate relationship", since they are taking all of my money because I love them so much, like Kpop Plus) After I found this website I generated a "Wish List" a mile long!

You will definitely love this website if you are a girl who is looking for natural, bright, and fun skin care! And even if you're a guy, they have some of the best cleansers and creams for your face in South Korea, so check out the skin care sections!

This website is a Korean Skin Care and Cosmetics store. They sell makeup and tons of skin products! They have free standard shipping, no matter how much you spend. They will upgrade your shipping with a tracking number the more items you buy (For a list of the freebies click Here!) . Not money spent, but number of items! Hurray for no $50-$75 minimum for free shipping!
Buying imported goods it so difficult, and the shipping can be from $7-$10 per item! So free shipping was enough for me! You can get Expedited shipping as well, but only if you are impatient or desperate! I like to pinch my pennies, so I don't feel like spending $20 on faster shipping, personally.

If you do not want to use the website (though I don't see why not) you can also look them up on Ebay! There's not as many products, but some of the products are a bit cheaper there (%5 off), so you can check that out as well!

Not only is the standard shipping free, but their items are more affordable than I have seen them anywhere else so far. They also have a lot of specials where you get free items (you have to add them to the cart to get them, just a heads up), and you get free samples with every order. The more you buy, the more samples you get! And these are not onetime use samples either, I used one of them about 4 times! They have several sales, so I check the website often to see what they have that day!

I will say that since it is a Korean website, and I'm in America, the website is a bit slow and crashes at times. But it never does anything to my order or computer, it's just something that happens for overseas websites at times, so don't freak out if there's an Error or your internet slows down a bit. Also, since it's a Korean website, the bigger product descriptions tend to be in Korean and not translated (because they are from the orginal ads). They do have English on the whole website, but the English descriptions can be brief, or hard to understand at times. 

When buying anything, but especially skin product from another country (or in general), I would suggest using an internet search on the products name ad finding reviews on it. Read a few, because I find that different things work for different people, and some people just used the product wrong and that's why it did not work. Who knows, maybe I'll come up in those searches in the future! Bloggers test these things so you don't have to and let you know if it's worth your money or not. So spend a few minutes reading different posts before buying things. As we all know, advertisements are meant to make us want to buy things, they aren't always accurate! 

 I could go on for a while about what I love about them, but you should check it out yourself!

Now, they have several brands, but I prefer "Etude House" myself, so most of what I got was that brand. I also like Skin Food now for overall natural skin care, and Innisfree, the more mature and expensive brand with a lot of eyeliners and mascaras. Tonymoly is a cute brand, with the best overall packaging and look, you want to buy everything from them because it is so dope looking! (I buy the small sample sized products from the more expensive brands if possible.)
 I have not used the other brands yet, so you will have to check those out yourself or read reviews on them.

So, let's go over my first order!!

First of all, my order came in sooner than I was expecting it to! Most of the time is takes forever for my orders from South Korea and Hong Kong to come in, but it came before I was looking out for it. The samples that I got were really cute looking, and worked well. (They sell some of the samples by themselves as well) 
Also, the package was sturdy, not banged up or broken at all, and was bubble wrapped and taped extremely well! I love it when I have a hard time opening packages, because I know that the products must be safe inside! 

I only order a couple things (since I was just trying out the store) and got a bunch of samples! The nose and chin strips are made with charcoal (smell odd, but work well) and the Skin Food BB Cream was great! Like I said, I used one of them four times before I ran out!  

(Before I go on about the BB Cream, of if you're wondering what it is, I did a review/post just on that here, so I wont go over them much.)

As for what I ordered, let's go over that!

First thing that I got out was the "Face Color Corset" from Etude House. It comes in five colors and works as a type of highlighter to add dimension to your face (Lightening spots, darkening spots to bring out bone structure, and so on). 
I bought the lighter one, at first thinking to use it as a compact powder, but that is not really the purpose. It does not come with anything to apply it with, because you are supposed to use a makeup brush. 

At first I was a bit sad, because it was not as big as I thought it would be, and was not really what I thought. But I use it now, the proper way, and I really like it! I would suggest that if you are not very skilled at applying makeup, or want things to just be quick, that you not buy these. You need to apply them to specific areas of the face with brushes. Overall, I really like it though and find it worth the time and effort. 
Although it was smaller than I thought, it is more potent, so I don't need as much! It has a slight shimmer to it and brightens your face! I bought the #1 "Gold Veil Highlighter". This is something that has really grown on me, and I'm tempted to buy the darker one and violet one in the future. And since it's small I can easily take it with me and fit it into my makeup bag, which I believe was the intention. 
Plus, the packaging is really pretty! 
(If you get the violet one, to even skin tone, I would suggest that you use a cotton pad instead of a makeup brush.)

Next, it the "Dear My - Milky Gloss" by Etude House. I bought #8 Papaya Latte, which is a slightly orange color, but not as orange as the Mango Latte one. This isn't sparkly, though they do sell a crystal one as well, and has a nice sheen to it. I had never seen orange lipstick or gloss until I looked at Korean products, it's very poplar there! So I wanted to try some, but not go too far with the orange color. All of the colors are pretty, so take a look and see which you prefer! 

The packaging is sleek and cute, and it has a rubber stop at the top so that you don't pull out a ton of gloss when applying it. The more you apply, the stronger the color will become, obviously. It is designed to go over lipstick, but can be used alone, and looks good either way. It doesn't dry out your lips, or make them too sticky. The look is a bit more casual that the Crystal one (I'll be reviewing that in the future as well, I put an order in for it) so it's handy for daily use! 

The color I got is new and interesting, at least for me! I really like using a light coat of this when going out. I found that using a tint under it looks very nice as well! (They sell nice tint there as well) 
I say that this is worth a try! In the future I may buy a couple more colors, some more neutrals perhaps? But I got tired of the cheap gloss I had and just threw that out and am using this instead now. (But some pinks would be nice!) 

Last but not least, I bought some "Precious Mineral BB Cream - Bright Fit" by Etude House. This comes in several shades, and I bought the Light Beige No. 2 because my skin is very light. The lightest shades of foundation (by Covergirl, Avon, you name it!) are still too dark for my Scotch-Irish skin! These are all lighter shades, so I am very happy with that. I won't go over this too much, since I will be going into a lot of detail in a later post, but I really like this one! 

I originally was looking at another kind of BB Cream from Etude House, but it is no longer in production and they just released this one recently, so I went with this instead! It matches with your skin tone once you leave it for a short while, so don't worry when you see it come out darker that your tone (like I did!). 

The packaging is cute, and it was a lot bigger than I was expecting! I thought it would be pretty small, but it was very big, the cap for getting is out is a pump (so interesting!), and you barely need any at all to cover your face! I am very happy with this purchase, and I go into more detail Here

I give this website a 5 out of 5!

Overall I would say that I highly recommend this website to buy your products from! Sure, there is some "Engrish" on the site, but it's not so bad that you don't understand it! They sell natural products at a good price, and the samples are my favorite part! You could spend hours browsing, so keep that in mind before you visit! The only downside is that products come and go in stock, so act quickly when you see something that you like, especially the samples! I really do "love" Cosmetic Love, I bet you will too! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,