Product Review: Etude House "Proof 10 Auto Pencil - Black"

Even though I've had this eyeliner for a while now, this is my first time writing about it. I spent a lot of time looking through different types of eyeliners, from gel, to liquid, to pencils, and every color as well. I ended up getting this one as my first "Korean Brand Eyeliner", since most of the Korean cosmetics that I buy are more on the face wash, lip color, or BB Cream side. I have a hard time finding a good eyeliner, and this one works pretty well and I won't need another for a while now!

Etude House - Proof 10 Auto Pencil (1-Black)

(4.5 out of 5) 

Etude house has a line for eyes named "Proof 10", including many liners, mascara, and primer. Although the name is "Proof" is is really short for waterproof. This is a non-smudge and water proof eye makeup line, and I think that Etude House did very well with it. It may seem like a simple liner but a lot of ingredients go into this to make it a higher quality product. It contains a thin silicone film that helps the liner to not smear and to have sharp lines. There is Vegetable Wax added so that it will stay on longer and keeps the color strong. My favorite ingredients are the Vitamin C and E, as well as Aloe, that helps the liner go on sensitive eyes easily. When I first tried eyeliner, years ago, it made my eyes tear up and I had to try my best to make sure my makeup wasn't ruined. Other eyeliners that I have used have also made my eyes water, because I have sensitive skin and eyes. This one didn't make my eyes water, and was very easy to wear.

As for the packaging, I really love the design. It's not a normal pencil, it's a lot thinner and twists out of the container, this way when you put it on there is only the liner itself and no outer layer of plastic of wood around it. The best part is that, since it is not like a normal liner, it comes with its own sharpener built in. The bottom pops off to reveal a small sharpener for the tip, this way you can never forget the sharpener at home! I've now seen that other liners from Korea have this, but since it was my first time seeing it I thought it was the coolest detail. It is definitely waterproof, after getting it wet and rubbing it and even washing it with soap, it was still on my hand. I had to use Vaseline or Makeup Remover just to take this off, nothing else could get it off!

First applied

After washing

The most important thing for a pencil type liner is that it is creamy and smooth. If it is dry or dull it will snag on your eyes, causing spotty lines and possibly causing damage to your eyelid (snagging never sounds like a good thing, unless it's a good deal, right?) If you have a pencil that is dry to the touch you can warm it with your finger tips first, but the best thing is to just not buy cheap and dull pencils. If it goes on your face, especially your eyes, it should be a good quality product. Not to sound like a commercial, but this pencil easily glides on to your skin and has a rich, creamy, texture. I've never had to worry about snags or broken dry bits of color on my lids. It is also sturdy and isn't so creamy that it would bend over or anything, that alone makes it a good product.

When it comes to complaints, why it's not a 5 out of 5, it would be that it's not as precise and thin as I would like. I don't like my liner to look too thick, and while there are many techniques to apply eyeliner more naturally, it's better to simply have a pointed and accurate liner in the first place. In order to get the thin, clear, line that I would like I have to sharpen it before every use, sometimes every eye, and its a bit wasteful ad time consuming to me. It's not that it's bad and comes out very thick, but I wish it would be thinner without the need of constant sharpening. If you don't mind thick liner than I wouldn't worry about this, but it's my personal preference.

Overall it's a great liner and I won't need another one in this color for a while! I got it in straight black, and part of me wishes that I would have gotten the lighter color instead, but having a straight black liner on hand is good. You can buy it in Proof Black, Shine Black Pearl, Proof Brown, Ash Brown, and Purple Navy. The cost of these are about $10, and since it's good quality and will last a very long time it's worth the cost. I bought mine at Cosmetic-Love, but you can also find them in other online stores, Amazon, or Ebay. If you're in the market for a new eyeliner I would definitely try this one out!

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