Fish and Bunny Shaped Dumplings

Sure, there are a lot of ways to use leftovers, but I have found a way to use them in a more...unique kind of way! You can make these dumplings with leftovers or new ingredients, it's really up to you in the end. I had leftover wonton wrappers from Thanksgiving and since I have always wanted to try making dumplings (or Pot Stickers") shaped like a fish I decided to try! Then I thought, "Might as well teach others how to do it...If it's successful."

Well it was, as successful and exciting as finally beating a Final Fantasy game after logging about 200 hours! So let's get started!

You will need:

-Wonton Wrappers
-A Frying pan with oil
-A large pot with a lid and a steamer (anything you can use to steam these with)
-A Medium sized bowl for filling
-A Cutting board
-A Sharp Knife
-An Egg and some water (for egg wash)

Filling for 12-16 Dumplings

- 1 Cup of any type of meat, canned or leftover (I used chicken, feel free to use whatever you want)
- 3 Cloves Garlic
- 2 Tablespoons Onion or 2-3 Shallots
- 1 Tablespoon fresh Ginger (optional, but preferred)
- 1/4 Cup each Vegetables (Carrot, Celery, Soy Beans, Peas, etc.)
-A round green vegetable for the eyes (soy beans or peas)
- 1-2 Tablespoons each of any combination of sauces you have (Soy sauce, Worcestershire, Meme, Ponzu, and Sriracha if you like spicy food)

Potstickers are like pizza, you can put whatever you like in them as long as you like it and it makes at least a little sense. These are things that I like so if you like different things then you can enjoy those instead.

Fill a large pot with water and a bit of salt and Soy Sauce. You want just a little bit of water to steam and not boil the dumplings, so the water level needs to be about a centimeter below the steamer. Put the steamer on top, set to Medium-Low heat, and cover.

While you are cooking, if it is for a long time, you want to keep refreshing the water level so that the water does not run out and burn into the pan. I would say to add about 1/4 cup every 20 minutes or so once the water is boiling.

If you do not have a way to steam these you can try just microwaving them for about 5-10 minutes (until the skins are becoming clear) with a little bit of water, covered somehow. But I do not really recommend that method...

Prep your frying pan with the oil, but do not turn it on until you set the first round of dumplings in the steamer.

You want to mince your garlic onion, and ginger very fine, press it if possible.

Next mince the vegetables of your choice. I would say that you can put in the Peas or Soybeans you will be using for the eyes, so as not to waste them. You can also buy a pack of frozen chopped vegetables and thaw them, that will also work. Then you can take the peas out for as many fish and/or bunnies you plan to make.

Add those to the bowl with the Garlic, Onion, and Ginger.

Next mince up your meat or open the can. I advise you to not use...I really do not see that ending too well... If you are not using meat then you will obviously skip this step.

Next, add the sauces you have to taste. I used Meme, Soy Sauce, and Worcestershire (I hate spelling that word SO much!).

Mix that all up and get ready to stuff some dumplings!

Next mix up some egg wash in a small bowl. Mix the egg with a splash of water and you're done!

Add a spoonful of the filling to each wrapper right in the middle.

Depending on how fat you want your animals is how much you want to add.

Apply the egg wash around the whole wrapper.

Now the rest depends on what you want to make!


Seal the dumpling right in the middle making a ridge sticking up, like a fin, leaving the ends unsealed.

Seal one end completely flat.

Then pinch it down the middle to form the tail.

Next you want to seal the dough together but not flat like the other end, leaving the middle open. Like this:

Use your fingertips to form the eyes by sticking one or two inside and then pinching down in-between.

They should look a like this in the end.

This is where the "eyes" are going to go.


Fill and seal the middle like you do on the fish, but press down the ridge so that your bunny has no dorsal fin...

Flatten the end, again like the fish, and then fold the ends on each other to form a triangle.

Flatten down the other end, but have the folds be slightly apart from each other, so it comes out more like a triangle than a square. You want a space in between the "ears"

Then fold the section up and against the middle and form the ears to your liking.

They should look like this.

Next press little divots under the ears so the eyes have a place to stick into.


If you are boring you can just seal the whole thing along the top and make them "normal".

To Cook

Place your dumplings in the steamer 2-5 at a time and cook covered for about 5 minutes, or until the skins are a little translucent.

Turn on the frying pan while these are cooking.

Then fry the bottoms until golden brown and crispy, about 3-5 minutes depending on how how the pan is.

For the Bunny dumplings you want to hold the ears up after they are steamed and they are in the pan, so they do not stick to the body.

You probably want long chopsticks so you do not get burned....

Once they are cooked remove them from the pan (duh) and add the eyes.

Like I said before, any round vegetable will work, green works well.

These are both Kawaii and Oishii!!

(....Cute and Delicious....)

Repeat until you run out of filling, wrappers, or time!

And there you have it! Shaped, or unshaped for weirdos, dumplings!

I hope you enjoy!

Enjoying the noms of their labor,