Music Review: NU'EST - Face

"NU'EST" (pronounced "New East").
That stands for "Nu (new), Establish, Style, Tempo", they are band that just made their debut. They released a MV for their title song "Face", which I was very impressed by, and even appeared on the Mnet Countdown. For a debut band they handle themselves very well (though I will say I was not as impressed by them as EXO). 

NU'EST - Face

Now, I will say right off the bat that they did not do as well live as I would have liked, but I think that nerves really got to them. Since they are just starting off in the K-Pop world, and had to appear in such a huge live show beside big names like Big Bang and SHINee, I will give them a break. (But I hope they will do better in the future)

The band has unique members with distinct personalities and voices. They do focus on dance and the tempo more than straight singing, but they do have talented vocals. It's nice to be able to tell them all apart right away and to have different styles and ranges when it comes to singing. I will tell you right now, that this band is said to have one of the girliest looking K-Pop men in it. Other people say that they thought that he (Ren) was a woman at first, but I could tell he was, in fact, a man right away. (Maybe I just have too much exposure to K-Pop, but I will not be making fun of him, because he is talented and it's not really fair to judge him on that.)

They also released Teasers, just like the other debut bands did, and they were pretty good. But, I'm sorry that I keep comparing them to EXO, they were not as cool as the EXO teasers. They did do a good job on giving my an idea of what each member was like tough, and I didn't get that as much from EXO (I saw their talent in dance and vocals, but not really the individual themselves). 
So I liked being able to pick out my favorite style/type of member at the beginning!  

I bought their CD from Kpop Plus just a couple days after hearing their song. I was impressed by what I got in the package, as I always am when it comes to Kpop Plus. So I got the album, a poster, and a pair of socks.

Since they are not an established or "big" bang the package came with free Big Bang socks, which I am very happy with!

As for the marketing and the quality of the product, I give this a huge thumbs up! The CD case is made like a hardcover book, and well, is a book. The "photo book" for this one is the case, and the CD is inside of it. (I love not having to be afraid of crushing my CD cases, so I thank South Korea for making resilient cases!) The CD and Photo Book are protected very well by the hardcover, hurray! 

The album came with the CD, Photo Book, a card of one of the members (random), and a card advertising auditions that the company holds. Once again, stellar marketing ideas and tactics! 

Another thing that I love about this case is that the disc is held with a piece of foam instead of those plastic dots that snap CD's in half! I was thrilled when I saw this! It may seem like a small thing, but this is a big deal to me! (One of my biggest pet peeves is those evil plastic disc holders!) 

The CD has a really cool design, which matches the bad perfectly! The "theme" of the album, if you could not tell by now, is black and hot pink. (This is the "Style" part, as far as I can tell, and they really do pull it off well!)

The photo book is good quality, full color with the thick and shiny photo paper, and has a lot inside of it! They have a band Bio, as well as individual member bios. I have to say though, they have some "Engrish" inside and I couldn't help but chuckle a little as I went through it. 

The poster is a lot bigger than I expected it to be. In hindsight, I wish that I would have bought the posters rolled instead of folded, but it's too late now... 
Nevertheless, the poster looks like the album, but has slightly different poses. I like the ones on the poster better personally. 

Once again, the theme is black with a splash of hot pink. 

Now, let's move on the the music. 

The band has a really cool sound to them, one of the first "Dubstep" bands that I have heard in Korea! The Album itself is more of a single, for their debut. The main song is "Face", there's an intro, and a sad type of song to end it. You may think, why would you but a CD with only three songs on it? Well, firstly I could not find just the tracks to buy, and second I liked the band so I made an investment in them, so to speak. 

It may only have three songs, but I replayed them over and over for a while! And was not tired of them! (Great success!) I love the sound of them, the English is well done, and I find it addicting to sing along with and fun to dance to. 

Intro- This is what it sounds like, an intro. But it is almost 2 minutes long, so it's more like a short song. You can get a feel for the group and the album from this one song, and it's mostly instrumental. But the Dubstep - Techno sound to it is really neat! They have a short English rap in it, and do pretty well. I like to listen to this one a lot really, and dance like a moron at a rave party, because I'm not as cool as they are. 

Face- This song is the one that made me buy an album immediately, add the MV to my favorites on YouTube, and become a fan of the band. Yes, I do like the song that much! The high vocals are great, the beat is fun, the rap has it's own tone/style to it, and there's an instrumental in the middle for the bridge. In the MV, and live, this is where they show off the fact that they really can dance! The English is great, and I was impressed by it. Especially since some established K-Pop stars can still have some pretty bad English.
(I will tell you now, that in the song they say "Shiw". This is a Korean word that sounds like an English cuss word, but it is not. So don't freak out when you hear it.) 

They also did a good job with the remixes on the background and vocals in this. One of my favorite songs right now, so watch the Music Video! (Click Here!!)

I'm Sorry- This is the closing song. It has a really smooth fade in effect that I liked a lot, and it shows off their vocals more than the music. I love to be able to just hear the singing skill of a band, with nothing too fancy, and this song did that for me. I don't like the English in this song as much as the others, but it is still pretty good. The high vocals in this and the harmonies are great, and this makes for a wonderful closing song to the Mini Album. 

Overall, I suggest you listen to these songs, it you haven't already, and put NU'EST on your list of bands to watch in the future. 

-See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,