Food & Foggy Windows

After starting my new "Home Blog" yesterday I feel like my days have been more inspired. I try to do new and interesting things so that I have good things to write about, and I write so that I can do new and interesting things! It is a never ending cycle of awesome-fun-ness!

So yesterday I started off by making breakfast, and when I cook I cannot do things "normal" so things come out different than most peoples food. I made what I affectionately call "Bunny in a Hole", because of my nickname and the way it came out looking. I tweaked "Toad in a Hole", or as my brothers fiance calls it, "Sunshine Sandwich" and added Hollandaise sauce so it's also like Eggs Benedict.

This is what happens when I find the bunny shaped cookie cutters in the pantry.

(You can get the recipe for this on my food blog by clicking on this or the photo)

I have to admit that it is not very often that I make food and think, "wow....that tastes to good!" They say that an true artist is the one who constantly critiques their art and is never fully satisfied with it. Maybe that is true, more likely is that I am just a perfectionist. Anyways, I was so happy with this dish and now I crave it, I am currently drooling as I write about it! I also just love the taste of toast when it is pan fried instead of being made in a toaster.

I also made a plate for my "Papa Bear"

(If you can't tell I shaped his like bears instead of bunnies)

Even Baron Von Joby got some! (The soggy piece of bunny cut out, but he's a dog so he was happy regardless.)

Partially because I made breakfast and because he is awesome my Dad make me a Hazelnut Cappuccino to wash down my breakfast! I really need to learn how to make these.

(Sadly the milk froth was gone by the time I got out my camera this time)

I really love these little cups!! I got them from World Market (Though they are served everywhere these days). I have the small ones but I hope to get the larger cups soon! They are rainbow and so cute and happy! It really brightens my day when I get to use them.

I cleaned out my insanely messy room a little and then my Phlegmatic personality type kicked in and I "took a break" for a while... Being a perfectionist and lazy is pretty annoying to myself and probably others as well!

After that me and my Dad went to pick up my mom who was staying down with my Grandma to help take care of her. My Grandma wanted to see our dog Joby so we took him down and I held him as he wriggled like a worm on a hook. When we take Joby to my Grandma's house it is usually to drop him off before a trip so when he realizes that he is headed there he starts to freak out!

It was an interesting trip overall. I got to see the winter scenery, though not as snowy as I like it. I was also permitted to listen to a Christmas album on the way down (there is usually a rule that there is no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving) and so I was singing and laughing most of the 45 minute trip.

But Joby does something weird in the car... He licks the window...With passion...

Yea... He did that for a good 15 minutes plus...

I am not really sure if he does it to cool his tongue, if it is a salt deficiency, or a bad habit. The thing is that I find it weird and laugh but when the window is foggy and slobbery and I am an inch away from that I do not find it very cute anymore. After he settled I ordered him to lay down and surprisingly he listened to me!

Overall it was a good day!

This is being posted pretty late at night (reason why to be posted later) so having a challenge is hard.

Challenge of the Night/Day!

Hum or whistle a happy song before you go to sleep! It's super fun to hum when you are brushing your teeth by the way.
I suggest "Don't Worry Be Happy" or a Disney Princess song like "Whistle While You Work" or "Once Upon a Dream", those are my favorites at least.

Well, it's bed time for me now so you will have to catch this Little Bunny later!

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole,