Product Review: Etude House "Peel So Good Diamond Peel"

Clever name, huh?
One of my personal skin care rules is to be careful about scrubs, any kind of abrasive face wash. I was surprised at how much I like this one! Let's get on to the review~!

Etude House - Peel So Good Foam Cleanser (Diamond Peel) 

(4.8 out of 5) 

I was lucky enough to find this product during a special that they were having on it! (I don't know for sure if it's still going on.) So I actually got two of these for the price of one! 

Since I usually stay away from scrubs, I didn't buy this once I saw it. I did some research and looked up information on the product, as you should do with every product, and I decided that it was worth the "risk". This seemed confusing at first because it's called a "peel" yet it's really a foaming cleanser... Hmmmm..

It comes in three kinds (Natural, Diamond, and Enzyme) so I went for the "middle" one. Each kind has a different strength, depending on what you are looking for. (I would suggest that you never buy enzyme peels! They are really bad for your skin, especially sensitive skin! Mainly because it is more of an acid base than a natural one, so be careful.)

The point of the product is to help exfoliate and remove dead skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The natural one does not really take off dead skin, but helps in the process of it coming off more naturally, hence the name. Enzyme is very strong and basically burns off your dead skin, it's for very desperate people really... 

The one that I got, Diamond, has real diamond powder in it to help exfoliate, but it's not too harsh either. Although it takes off dead skin, it also helps it come off on its own later. If you have very, very, very sensitive skin, you will want the Natural one. Since mine is sensitive, but not incredibly sensitive, this one works great! 

When you squeeze out the gel there are visible, tiny, pieces of diamond. This isn't really rough at all, in fact it is a lot softer on the skin than Apricot or other scrubs. There are also little beads that you can see that help with the cleansing, and I'm guessing the moisturizing as well (since it's Korean, it's hard to find details on the product). 

You only need a small amount to wash your face, as it is with most Korean Cosmetics, so this will last you a while. About one dollop on your finger tip will be more than enough!

Application is pretty straightforward, you rinse your face, keep it wet, scrub, rinse, and dry. Done. 

The feeling of the little diamonds is great! It feels like my face it getting cleaner and the dead skin is coming off. And it's not uncomfortable or painful at all, at least for me! (And I'm a wimp!) It foams up a little as you cleanse, to get into each pore and clean it out, and the diamonds take off the small dead skin cells. Also, the smell is nice, very light and fresh. 

Okay, let's take short bunny trail here for a minute. Does anyone else find is awesome that you can wash your face with real diamonds?? I feel fancy and get excited just thinking about it! Being able to answer the question of "What do you use for your skin?" with "Oh, nothing, just Diamond Dust!" feels pretty great to me! That, plus my Pearl BB Cream, makes me feel fancy, even though they barely cost me $10! 
I had to get that out, sorry! 

Anyways, my face felt softer and cleaner after I used it! It also didn't feel tight or look dry! The only reason that I didn't give this a full on 5 is that it can feel tight if you over wash, and that it doesn't completely get rid of your dead skin. But it really isn't supposed to! Even though it feels soft and smooth, my skin is getting rid of the dead skin in the future when I use this! The other reason is that this is more of a daily wash, and personally I don't like daily washes. 

A lot of people like the fact that it is gentle enough for daily use! Being gentle is great, being able to use it whenever your skin looks dry is great, but using something that your skin may depend on in the future, not so great... 

Overall I really love this product! It works like it is supposed to and is fast and fun to use! I highly recommend it, especially for people with combination skin (Oily and dry patches), dry skin, and sensitive skin! When I put on more makeup than usual, or am having a "bad skin day", I will use this for a deep clean and a fresh feeling! 

This only cost me around $9 here, and I also got 2 of them! It's a great deal for something that will last a long time and works well! If you're looking for a product to help with your dry skin, I would go to this one. Using something harsh can worsen the problem, and this one was just right! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,