Beauty in Drama and in Life

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So I recently finished one of my new favorite Korean Dramas! The name is "You're Beautiful" or "He is Beautiful". If you like movies like "She's the Man" or "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare, then you would love this one. You can look up the description online if you want to know more. It has 16 episodes, they are each a little over an hour long. 

This drama does get me thinking though. The woman in this has to pretend to be her brother so she wears mens clothes all the time. When the men in the drama figure out she is a woman (Though it is pretty obvious at times) they are in love with her. My point with this is that they are surrounded by Pop Idols and fans who dress up to be as beautiful as possible, but they all think that the girl in baggy clothes with a type of Anti-Makeup (to look masculine), they still think she is the most beautiful. She has a pure, caring, and beautiful soul and that is what people are attracted to. Even though the other woman dresses up and tries to get the lead man to love her, he still loves the other girl. Why? Because even though she is so beautiful with designer clothes, makeup, and long hair, her soul is ugly. She was fake and manipulating and backstabbing, and no-matter how pretty she made herself he was still not attracted to her because he saw her for who she was, ugly. 

Yes, this is a "drama", but the truth in it still remains! Beauty has been on my mind a lot lately and I loved the truth behind this show, I could not get enough of it! 

This reminds me of a series they are doing on "Darling Magazine" about beauty. Recently they posted this video by Jesse Rosten

The standard of beauty has been raised, in a fake way. Now, I have seen shows where models really are that beautiful and they devote all their time off camera to get that way. But the lighting, etc. is still adjusted for them and their pimple removed. We "Work our angles" so that we look the best in photos as possible.

The thing is that not only do magazines and advertisements use Photoshop, but everyone who has the program does. We all use it when we can to improve how we look. I love using Editing programs, because I can add effects like "Black and White" and "Antique" to make them look cooler. I am an artist and I enjoy is. 
But! I have never changed my body shape with it! I will lay down my pride and say that I have used the eraser and I have used Hue-saturation to make the photo brighter and better looking. Now I am just doing these small things, but will it lead to worse things in the future? I do not want to be addicted to editing myself. Because I know it is wrong to do so. I know I am beautiful-yet I like to give myself an extra "nudge" at times. What would happen if we stopped erasing acne in photos? Would it really be that horrible? I am trying to ween off of this now. I still will mess with lighting, because I like to and I personally see nothing wrong with it. We all have our own convictions. There are tools i will not use. I stopped using ones to brighten teeth, eyes, or hair color a long time ago. And I will not go back to using them, ever! I hope that you feel the same, either as a man or woman you should not do this to yourself. 

Now that I have that rant out of my system! 

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I may be lactose intolerant. I love milk. A lot. I recently have been having stomach aches and have been breaking out and we think the cause may be dairy. It may also be that I am just sensitive to it right now, we do not know. So this week I am to go without any dairy to see...This is so much harder than I thought! You never realize how many things you have with dairy in them until you cannot have it. Coffee with creamer? No. Cereal for Breakfast? No. A few hours and one meal later, and I already had to change everything about the way I started my day!

We are partially hoping that milk is the cause because otherwise I may have a health problem on my hands, or another allergy. Nevertheless, it is terrible! So we will see how it goes. As for the breakouts, it may be allergy to food or to soap, we are also going to see this.

So I guess I will be writing about the "Lactose-Free Life" for a while on here.

I have also posted another recipe on the Food Blog! It is Truffles shaped like the Fairy Navi from Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

Click here or on the picture to see more on that!

For one final fun thing before I finish this up!

I recently realized that I do something really funny. You see, I pray for people I know or don't know when I see need or I am concerned for them, and it is now second nature. The funny part about this is that I will watch Sit-Coms and Movies and fid myself involuntarily praying for fictional characters! (So I pray for the actors to make up for it, hahaha)
I find it funny that I will mentally be praying for non-existant people while I watch things. This really shows how much of a Jesus Geek I am! Proud of it though.

Challenge of the Day:

Shout out to fellow Christ-Followers! Pray for at least five people today! Mentally, or out loud, or with them. Knowing them or not. It is a b=good habit to develop, one of the only good habits I have, haha.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,