Product Review: Tonymoly "Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel"

After reading several mixed reviews on this product, I decided to try it. I mean really, who can resist something called a "Magic Egg"? No, I don't mean the ones from Angelic Layer, or the ones from Shugo Chara, I mean the one from Tonymoly! I have pretty deep blackheads, so I used it over time to see if there was a big difference. I have some mixed feelings, but here are my thoughts.

Tonymoly - Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel

(3 out of 5)

Some of the reviews that I read said that this really was "Magical", and that it got rid of almost every blackhead instantly. I'm still up in the air about this one, the trouble with blackheads it that they are rooted deep in your pores, making them harder to clean out. Yes, that's gross, but it's the truth. So, in able to get rid of blackheads, you need something to go deep into your pores and clean them. I'm not sure if this is the perfect product for that or not. It worked in some ways, but not in all of them.

The consistency of this is really unique. It's a type of gel, but it's made with oil as well. The description literally says that it has "magic capsules" inside of it. Sure, they are really just micro beads, but magic capsules sounds a lot better.

On the lid 

On skin

It has Egg and Camellia Flower extracts in it to help tighten the pores, sooth the skin, and remove sebum. A lot people use egg whites on their skin, especially their nose, so it makes sense that it would be in this product. Since it cleans and exfoliates, it needs the Camellia to clam your skin so that it won't turn red or get irritated after you use it. It is also supposed to nourish your skin to protect it from damage in the future.

It will fit in your hand

The container is adorable, and it smaller than it looks in the pictures online. You only need this for your nose, so you don't need very much, so even though it's a small container it will last you a long time. It has a thin, jelly-like, texture to it and has different kinds of little beads throughout it. Since it's in a pot, you want to make sure your hands are very clean when you take some out, and make sure that dirt doesn't get inside of it. The smell is slightly like citrus that pretty pleasant. First thing about this product you should know, you need to be very careful when you open it! It can spill all over when you first open the sealed lid on the container, and it's very difficult to clean up.

There's a lid on the gel, I leave it on for cleanliness 

This is meant to be used after you wash your face, not as a substitute. It does deep clean your pores, the dirt and dead skin, but you nose needs to already be clean before you use it. After you wash your face, keep you nose a bit damp. Also, get your fingers a bit wet, don't get them too wet because it will make it less effective. There are two ways that I have seen people use this, and I tried it both ways. You can either continuously rub it into your nose for 2-5 minutes, or you can apply it and let it set on your nose for 15 minutes, then rinse it with war water. It seems different methods work better on different people. I think I like rubbing it in and washing it off better than letting it just sit on my nose for a long time. It will turn from a clear gel to a white color while you rub it in, as it reacts to the sebum in your pores. It's kind of cool to watch, really!

I didn't see much of a difference with my blackheads when I used this. My nose did feel smoother and cleaner after I used this, the dead skin pretty much disappeared after I used it, and my nose had a healthy sheen to it. It also helps with evening your skin tone, since it's taking out sebum and dead skin cells, which is a nice bonus. Since it pulls out the dirt and sebum to the surface, it can actually make them look worse at first, but after that "fades" a bit they look a little better. I think that the main thing is that if you have very deep, older, blackheads it won't do too much. If you have new ones, then it will most likely work a lot better. I used it for a while, and although I can still see them, my blackheads have faded a bit since then, but they haven't disappeared. I am hoping that with extended use they will start to go away, but I don't have full confidence in that.

Overall, I think that this works okay. I was really hoping that it would work like magic, like it did on other people, but on me it didn't really do too much. It didn't do anything bad to my nose, but it didn't vastly improve it. Since bacteria on your face is concentrated on your nose, I think that having something to deep clean your nose every now and then is good. You can only use this about once or twice a week, so it may take a while for you to see the long term effects. My skin is also very sensitive, and it didn't irritate my nose at all, and it's not as painful as nose strips are. It's a pretty good product, and I am still glad that I bought it, but I don't know if I will buy it again.

Another reason why it may not have worked "like magic" is because this is egg one in a three egg series. After you use this one there is a pore tightening clay version that you put on afterwards. The third one is a type of pore concealer, that fills your pores before applying makeup, but I don't really find that one nessisary. It would probably be best that you buy the first two eggs if you want to use this, or at least use a clay mask on your nose afterwards (I like Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask). That way, after you pull the gunk up to the surface, the clay can take it out. Another trick that may help is to fill the sink with hot water, place a towel over your face, and steam your face for a few minutes to open up the pores before you use it.

I originally bought this from Cosmetic Love, but they don't carry it on their website anymore, but they do have it in their Ebay store for around $11. It will last a long time, so it's not a bad deal, but you can also look around for a better one. You can also find it in packs on Ebay and Amazon, that have all three in them, which would be better to buy (in hindsight, I wish I would have paid a little more and just bought them all at once). I think it's worth a try, so let me know how it turns out for you!

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