I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Christmas is approaching quickly, only about three days until the big day, and the decorations are complete just in time!

It took us a lot longer to decorate this year! We usually finish by December 1st and we just got the tree finished this past week. Though we were just on the road and gone for a week and that put us behind...

We have had our blue and silver snowman decorations up for a while now, but this year we changed to the classics and I am satisfied with the results. The tree is downstairs this year, partly because theres a furnace down there and we should spend more time there, and also because we did not want to rearrange the furniture upstairs.

Our stockings have been hung with care as well.

Though they are more decoration then anything this year.

We have had those Reindeer in our stockings for as long as I can remember and it just makes it feel more like Christmas having them around.

Something I tried, for the first time really, in Texas was to make a bunch of baked goods gluten free! I had the chance to bake with my future sister in law and make fudge, truffles, and oatmeal cookies!

I made a mistake with the fudge though...

See, there is milk and white chocolate in those... But I could not "Swirl" them correctly so it all just mixed together. Live and learn, once again!

I made another type of truffle, but you don't get to hear about that one until later.

I also made curry with my sister, while listening to my favorite Baliwood movie soundtrack "Lagaan". We make our curry more Japanese most of the time then Indian.

If you did not know this, there are many kind of "curry" that are specific to their country. In Japan they make a simple curry with meat, potatoes, carrots, and onions. They also only make "Yellow" curry, the one most people recognize, and they serve it on plain white rice. In India there are three types of curry: Yellow, Red, and Green. They all have different bases. (For instance, the red is tomato based, but the yellow is mainly just spices.) They also add many vegetables to it, like cauliflower, eggplant, etc. and their Curry is mainly Vegan, because of the culture.

We usually buy the curry spice cubes from the Japanese market to make ours, it's really just spices and a roux thickener. But that had gluten in it so we made our own sauce for the first time! Milk, coconut milk, and a ton of spice later, as well as some gluten free flour to thicken it, my sisters genius curry was done! I think it had the perfect spice level as well.

My sister likes Indian curry so she added to Coconut Milk and Cauliflower to it, I'm still adjusting to the cauliflower myself...

I looked up the weather forecast and it is supposed to be warm and sunny on Christmas! I am not very happy about this... I want a white Christmas so bad... Let the prayer for snow on Sunday begin!

Challenge of the Day:

I like knowing random facts, like the curry rant, so today you should look up either "Random Fact of the Day" or even just research something you find interesting.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,