Product Review: Etude House "Golden Ratio Face Glam (Pink)"

It's been a while since I've reviewed some face makeup! After talking about scrubs, masks, etc. I almost forgot about my new favorite makeup staple from Etude House. The Golden Ratio Face Glam highlighter is less expensive than other ones on the market, and still works just as well!

Etude House's Golden Ratio Face Glam (Pink) 
(4.5 out of 5)

Even though BB Cream can be the first and the last thing you use on your face in the morning, you can also use powders, compacts, blush, bronzers, and more to enhance your look even more. Highlighters can come in both powder and liquid forms, but if you have dry skin like me, powders can just make things look worse in the end. One of the best ways to give your skin a healthy glow, and a natural shine, is to use a light liquid highlighter like this one. You can use it on your entire face, or just the areas where the light hits your skin naturally (which I prefer). I wanted to try this product out for a long time, especially since I'm a fan of Etude House, and they didn't disappoint!

This product has two parts to it, an eye brightener and a liquid highlighter. It also comes in two different colors, Gold and Pink, depending on your skin tone. The packaging for this product was really beautiful and efficient, I love the elegant looking portrait on the box and the colors that they used. The container itself works well and has a small mirror on the lid, and the entire thing has a slight shimmer to it, just like the product! They also added a spatula type spoon to the top to get the liquid part out without sticking your fingers inside. The only downside would be that it can get a bit messy and spill out a bit if you aren't careful when you close it. Because I have fair skin, and a cool undertone, I use the pink kind. If you have warm undertones, you will probably want to go for the gold type. (For example you look good with peachy blush and not pink, and have orange and not pink undertones to your skin. You can find out online which you are if you're unsure) This is highly concentrated, meaning that you only need a small drop for your entire face really, and because of this it lasts a long time. The bottom part is what you're mostly buying it for, and the top is almost like a bonus!

 Because you don't want to get the liquid too close to your eyes, that's why there's a second, cream type. Both the cream and liquid are the same tone, and have very small sparkles/minerals in them, though the cream is slightly brighter. It has the same texture of solid perfume or cream eyeshadow to it, but just a little bit firmer. You apply the eye brightener part, obviously, around you eyes! This isn't a concealer for your under-eyes, it simply adds some shine to the area to make your eyes look more awake. I mainly used this on the inner corners of my eyes, instead of a shimmery eye shadow. Don't get it too close to your eyes though, because you don't want it getting inside of them either (you won't go blind, but it will probably sting a bit). It really just adds some gleam to the area, but it is concentrated so you have to be careful of going overboard!

The bottom section, as I said earlier, is also concentrated. If you use too much of it, you're face will look like a fairy or something. The texture is a bit smoother and looser than liquid foundation, so it spreads and blends easily. You just need a small dab to apply to the right areas. While you can just mix it in with your BB Cream or Foundation to give your entire face a slight glow, I personally prefer using it on top to finish. You can apply it to the sides of your eyes, corners of your mouth, T-Zone, C-Zone, and the bridge of your nose. A good way to tell is just to go outside or shine a light on your face, and take notice of which areas are naturally brighter than the rest.  If you usually use a pact, pretty much apply it to those same spots. It took a little bit of practice before I got the right areas for my face down. If highlighted correctly, your face can look slimmer and healthier!

Overall, I really liked using it! My skin didn't dry out and there was a subtle difference in how my skin looked, especially outdoors! You couldn't really tell that I had added the shine to myself, and it just enhanced the light that was already there. It also matched and blended with my skin color really well, so I'm glad they gave two color choices that work better for each tone. The only things that I didn't like as much would be how you really have to be careful with how much you use, and also if you use too much your skin can break out. Other than that, it does as advertised, and is multifunctional. You can buy this online from Cosmetic Love for about $16 Here, or at a different store if you'd like. Because you use so little, it lasts so long, and there's two products in it, it's worth the price. It's really worth try out if you have the chance, and if you have tried it out already let me know what you thought! I'm probably going to stick with this for my finishing touches for a while, so I hope it works well for you too.

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