Product Review: Tonymoly "Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack"

It wont take long for you to find something that will whiten your skin if you look into Korean Cosmetics. Since the "ideal" is to have light, porcelain-like skin, most things have ingredients to firm and whiten skin in them, no-matter what the product may be for. This particular one is meant just for that, and nothing else really. 

Tonymoly - Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

(4 out of 5)

I had read reviews on this product and thought that it was worth a try. I ordered some samples to text it out with, to see if it was something that I would want to order in the future, but I'm not too sure anymore. I have mixed feelings on the product, like I do with most Tonymoly brand items. Part of it works really well, while other parts...not so much. 

Tomatos have different vitamins in them that are good to relieve puffiness and rashes. The calming effect helps with evening your skin tone. The tomato in it also has a detox effect on your skin (hence the name), to purify it. The product also says that it has oxygen bubbles in it, to give more oxygen to the skin, which lightens it. It's recommended for sunburnt/tanned skin, as well as dull or damaged skin.

First thing about this is that it is extremely messy! I had a packet that I tore open a little in my makeup bag, later to find that there was white Tomatox cream all over! (I have opened BB Cream and other samples in there that never had this problem) It's really thick and sticky, and it will get everywhere if you aren't careful! I think that may mainly be a problem with the sample sized ones, and not so much with the full version, but the cream is still kind of messy. 

Like I said before, it's very thick. It's a lot like sunscreen, more than lotion, and so it's something that you want to apply in the bathroom, or near a sink. This is a mask, and not a lotion or cream! If you don't read Korean you may not realize that right way to apply it, unless you order from an English website with an explaination. I almost made the mistake of leaving it on, but checked just to make sure, and I'm lucky that I did! The smell is like a mixture of light citrus, floral, and plain white soap. Not overwhelming, but not really "pleasant" either. 

Apply the cream after you have washed the area thoroughly, and gently massage it to the area that you want. You don't want to leave this on longer than 5 minutes, use it for 2-5 minutes at the most. Then wash it off thoroughly, but gently. This is a very potent mask, and unless you want to look like a mime, and maybe even damage your skin, you should take it off soon and not leave it on too long. It's not acid or anything, but it is strong, so just be cautious. 

The effectiveness is really based on how long you leave it on, how ofter you use it, and how thick you slather it on. I used a pretty thin coat, but others have used a thick layer. I used this on my face, briefly, and also on my arms. The rest of my skin is around the same tone, but my arms get dark easily and usually are a lot darker than the rest of me. 

The great part about the product is that you can use it anywhere, besides your mouth and eyes obviously. You can use it on your face, sure, but you can also put some on any part of your body that is darker than the other parts. I think that it is best used for spot treatment, so particular dark spots. I've seen people use it on scars and burns, and uneven skin tone/dark spots, instead of just rubbing the whole thing all over. It seems to work really well for that, so if that is the kind of product you are looking for than this would be a good one to use. 

The main downside with this one, same with other Tonymoly products for my skin type, is that is made me break out... I think that the thick creams that they use are just not well suited for sensitive skin, so if you have issues with breaking out from products than you should probably steer clear from this one. (This is another reason why spot treatment seems best.) It also made my a little bit itchy after use. 

There are also benefits to the product though! It does lighten your skin, how well it works is the application process and times used, but after one use my skin did seem a bit lighter, but not drastically. I'm glad that it works gently and slowly, instead of just bleaching your skin instantly. The other benefit is that your skin feels softer after use, and that's a bonus for any product really! 

Overall, I would not recommend this to people with sensitive skin. If you have any type of skin problem, or you have burns/scars that are dark, I do recommend this. I think that it works really well for that. If you get this as a sample it's worth a try, but I wouldn't buy it unless you have a certain reason to. I got samples, but they no longer carry them (at least now) at Cosmetic Love, but you can buy the large version for around $13 Here. It's a pretty good deal since it lasts so long, and it's better for constant use than one time. Plus, the larger version is shaped like a tomato, which is just so cute and awesome! 

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