Music Review: C-Clown "Not Alone"

Most of the reviews that I've done lately have been for more "Indie" inclined bands, but today I'm going to do one on a band that recently entered the Pop genre scene. C-Clown is a new band that has already gathered some attention. They aren't from a very large label, yet they are competing with some top bands that have been around for a while. After their debut they have performed live many times (M-net, Music Bank, Inkigayo), released a MV (Solo) that has already gathered almost 200,000 views in a weeks time, and have topped the charts above B.A.P. and other bands. They have been building up steam and are already doing well for a rookie group. Although I'm as terrified of clowns as the next person, I really enjoyed this album!

C-Clown's 1st Single Album Not Alone, released July 19th 2012! 

C-Clown is comprised of six members with varying ages, skills, and hometowns. Their ages range from being born in 1997 to 1990. From youngest to oldest their names are Maru (Rap), T.K. (Rap), Kangjun (Main Vocal), Ray (Vocal), Siwoo (Vocal), and Rome (Leader/Main Rapper), who is from Australia. The group already has various fan sites on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler. The "C-" stands for "Crown", which is meant to represent their desire to be great, and be the kings of K-pop. This album is a "Single" album, with only a few songs on it, and it's still very popular.

The album sounds a bit familiar, similar to some of my favorite K-pop songs. I didn't see this as copycat, but really enjoyed it. They still have their own sound, but it sounds like the music that I like. Having six members really gives depth to their music, since they have so many members to harmonize and collaborate together. They all get a chance to shine in their songs without it sounding crowded or confusing. I think it's harder than people realize to find voices that flow into each other, and match yet sound unique, to make a well rounded band. I really enjoyed this album, the criticism that I have is that I still find their clown logo scary, I just don't like clowns at all... I'm not a huge fan of the album art, I think that it's simple, casual, and sleek, but the lighting makes it a bit difficult to make out the faces of all the members, and since this is a debut it's very important that people get to know what the members look like. That's my opinion anyways.

Let's move on to the songs now!

- I'm Not Alone (Intro) 

Okay, I really like this intro! The background music is done well, with a lot of interesting and cool sounds and effects, and the voice in the background singing the high "Ooooo-Oooo" notes is great! It's only about a minute long, but I wish that it were a full song because I love the sound of it so much. It's a good introduction to the band, and you get a taste of their voices and style before the album "officially" starts. The song is pretty much an inspirational type song introducing you to the band and their feelings about debuting, that's how I see it anyways. Then moves into the first full song!

- Solo

I find it a bit funny that it goes from "I'm Not Alone" to "Solo". This is a breakup song, which is pretty easy to tell from the tone in their voices. They made their first MV from this song, and it's also the one that they perform live. The video mainly introduces you to the members, their names and such like most debut MVs do, and the way they did it wasn't too cheesy. There's a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds in this song, which is a really nice sound. The piano mixed with the beat suits the song very well. They harmonize a lot in this song, repeating phrases and singing in the background, and their voices all have a good tone to them. The music during the bridge is my favorite part, instrumental-wise, and my favorite part of the vocals is the short break in-between "Goodbye"! Short stops, high notes, and acoustic sounds to balance out the club sound all make this a great song, and it's no wonder why it's so popular!

- In The Car (차 안에서)

Even though I like Solo a lot, this one has to be my favorite off the album. The opening really drew me in, with the building music, the many instruments that are used including a strings section and a bass, and the smooth sound of it. The vocals in this song are outstanding, with varying high and low notes. While the last song was about after the breakup, this song is about right before a breakup, which I think is an interesting concept and really like. I think that before you have to say the words can be even harder than afterwards, and this song is much more mellow and sounds more sorrowful than Solo does. The rap actually suits the song well, it doesn't throw off the sound even though there are orchestral elements to the track. I love getting to hear all of their voices, and the focus on the beautiful high voice at the beginning and end of the song are wonderful.

- Destiny (우연이야)

The final song (with lyrics) on the album is yet another breakup type of song. It seems like Solo is about breakup, In The Car is about pre-break up, and this song is post-breakup. When you meet the person that you know you love and that you feel you are meant to be with, but you're with another person at the time, and you don't feel right without them around. I really like the skipping in the lyrics, "D-d-d-destiny", I usually don't like things like that but I do in this song. That, plus the repeated "sorry, I'm sorry", and staccato "ohs", makes the song a lot of fun to sing along to. This would probably also be a good dance song, it has a solid beat to it. The balance between the rapping and singing is done really well. I don't tend to like more Rap inclined songs, but this one is really good.

- Instrumentals 

The final two songs are an instrumental versions of Solo and In The Car. I like them both, but I like the instrumental for In The Car much more than Solo. The music is complex enough that you can make an instrumental of it, the only thing is that I don't like the clapping effect on Solo without vocals. I will say that the slow, warp sounding, parts in solo are great on the instrumental and I love being able to hear them clearly, and hearing the stops in the music as well.. I really like that I can hear the instruments better for In The Car, I have a real soft spot for Strings and acoustic sounds. Both of them are great, and it's a good note to end the album on.

The album has a melancholy feeling to it, though the music doesn't sound very depressing or anything, most of the songs sound like they were written during a difficult time during the writers life. I don't see this as a dark album, but it's just not a happy-go-lucky pop album, it's more emotional. Since they sounds so genuine in the songs I prefer these "sad songs" that have their heart in them to happy songs with no soul. I already can't wait for their next album to come out, and hope it has more tracks on it! They are a really talented band and are doing well, and I really want them to continue to do well. This is a great album to have, even though it's short it has depth to it and I can listen to it over and over!

You can buy the album digitally on iTunes for about $6, it doesn't seem to be on Amazon or other music sites yet. (The problem with finding it is the scary clown things that come up when you search, so I would just go for iTunes personally...) You can also get it online for around $13-$16, which is worth it to me. I tend to buy things from Kpop Plus myself. I hope that you get a chance to listen to the album yourself, and that you enjoy it like I did!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,