10 Basic Skin Care Tips!

When it comes to Skin care, cleansing and makeup etc, I find that there are a few, simple, things that you can do that will help it overall. Most of these will probably be habits that you need to develop and break, but they will not cost you anything except effort and time! I'll be going over a few things that i have found have helped me, and may write other tips in the future.

So let's get started!

One of the most important things that you can do for your skin is keep it clean, right? We use cleansers, foams, peels, scrubs, the list goes on! We do this because we don't want any dirt or excess oil building up in our pores, causing break outs. While using all of these products can help, there are things that we do every day that hinders clean skin.

The biggest issue that we have is our hands. Our hands go through a lot in a day, constantly touching things, and even getting dirty by just sitting there! Having good hygiene for you hands will improve overall skin hygiene! Why? Because your hands touch your face, arms, etc. and transfer all of that dirt and oil to the other areas of your skin. You should try to not touch your face as much as possible, but keeping your hands clean helps reduce the risk when you do touch your face.
I've set a couple guidelines for myself when it comes to hygiene for my hands, and it's hard to break out habits and develop new ones, but it is possible!

1. Before and after meals you need to wash your hands! We know that we need to wash out hands before we eat, especially when it comes to finger food. But I don't think people stress the need to wash your hands after as much! When you eat a snack with your fingers, or eat a meal (with or without utensils), you get that food, grease, germs, and dust on your hands. After you eat, whatever you touch is getting those things on it! This includes your face! So when you eat, once you finish, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap, especially if it was a greasier type of food.
(You may also want to rinse around your lips as well.)

2. Before and after applying makeup or cleansers you need to wash your hands! Even if you are washing your face, you need to wash your hands before touching your face. It will take you a few seconds longer, and it's worth it! You are rubbing the oil and dirt from your hands into your skin whenever you tough your face with unwashed hands, even if it's to rub soap into your skin. If you are applying foundation especially, you should wash your hands first.

3. Wash your hands like a Doctor! Most people don't wash their hands that thoroughly, it's a fact of life. But just washing your palms is not a good habit to develop. You should wash in-between your fingers, each finger, under your nails (just a bit at least), and partway up your wrist. Underneath your nails is pretty dirty (especially if you tend to scratch yourself a lot) so constantly rising them, whenever you wash your hands, helps to keep them clean. Even if people make fun of you for looking like a Surgeon, it's their loss and not yours.

Keeping your hands clean will help a lot, especially if you have a hard time not touching your face. Most of these next ones are just overall cleanliness tips, mainly for your hair. You hair is in your face a lot, and even if it is not your scalp is a part of your skin and hair.

4. If you have Bangs, keep them out of your face whenever you can! I have had some kind of bangs in my hairstyles pretty much for the past ten years or so. I love having bangs, but they can be pretty annoying when it comes to skin care... I do keep my bangs down on a daily basis, but when I go to bed, or am staying inside, I will keep them out of my face. I have Bobby Pins, Clips, Headbands, etc. to help me keep my hair out of my face. When I go to bed I try to clip them up, so that they won't press into my face while I sleep.

5. Keep your Scalp clean! The roots of your hair are the most important part to clean when you wash your face, especially your hairline that is above your forehead. If your hair is oily, it will basically drip onto your skin. It may not be visible, but it happens. So make sure that you clean your scalp well when your shower, and keep the skin next to your hair especially clean.

I am going to be keeping my bangs, probably for the rest of my life, so I am not suggesting that you do not have them. I am saying that if you do have them then you need to just add a couple things to your routine.

6. Keep any cloth that touches your skin clean! From your clothing, to your bedding and towels, it is very important that you keep any fabric that touches your skin clean. You should be washing your bedding, especially pillow cases, regularly. When you sleep your skin follicles drop onto your bedding, as well as dirt and oil, so if you don't wash them you essentially grind it into your skin as you sleep. (Gross right?)
It's the same with your clothes! They look clean on the outside, but the inside has dead skin, dirt, and oil on it from you wearing it. If you have a problem with "Body Acne", like I do, you need to make sure you keep your clothes very clean. Agitating your skin is not a good thing. I hate doing laundry as much as the next person, but the health of my skin is more important.

Also, your loofa or scrubber or washcloth that you use in the shower should also be washed and cleaned often! Throw it in the washing machine! You are rubbing it against your skin pretty much every day, doesn't make sense that it is also dirty? (I personally suggest using washcloths, and changing the one you use each day.)

7. Make sure to not let sweat stay on your skin! Once again, if you have problems with Acne or Body Acne, this is important! During hot seasons or after a work out you need to shower quickly! Letting sweat stick on your skin is not good, so you want to at least rinse off with some water. If it's mainly your face, just wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth, or rinse it with water. Sweating is good for you, but having sweat on your skin is not.

Next is about water. Water is very important for our bodies in every way, so it is crucial to get water basics down for your health, and your skin health.

8. Drink water! If you do not drink at least 5 glasses of water a day, start! It is important for hydration (skin and in general), weight loss, and your health! (In fact, drinking a cold glass of water in the morning before you eat anything will boost your metabolism for the day!) You should be drinking 8 glasses, which is easier if you exercise a lot and during the summer, but drinking at least 5 is a start. Try one in the morning, one during each meal, and one as you are falling asleep at night. For every Soda or Coffee, you need to drink about the same amount in water. Sounds like a lot of liquid right? You don't want to burst anything, but 5 glasses throughout the day will not do that.
As you start to drink more water, you will find that you're more thirsty. Your body gets used to the water and will crave it when it doesn't get any, so after the first couple days it gets easier because you will want the water!

9. Try to use Filtered Water! I understand that drinking water can be difficult in an area where the water is bad, and we use filtered water instead. So why don't we use it on our face? If you have "hard" water, you may want to heat it (in a Kettle or Microwave) before washing your face with it. And if you have a filter in the Kitchen, try to use that water instead. Even if you don't use a cleanser, try to rinse your face before and after you sleep. 
If you have dry skin it will help to use softer water when you wash your face.
(Also, more on a side note, try to not use any kind of product with a bunch of Acids in it, it will damage your skin in the long run and you should avoid it. It may burn away zits, but it also burns away skin!)

This next one you have heard a million times, but that is because it is very important and very hard to do!

10. Don't touch your face! This is so hard for me to do, and I'm still working on it. Not touching my face is very hard to do! If it itches, or I'm bored, and throughout the day, I touch my face. It's hard to not! Even with washing my hands and fingernails I still should not touch my skin unless I am washing it or applying something. Picking at bumps makes it worse, and can go so far as to scar your skin and cause skin damage, so try to keep your hands and nails away.

You may have heard all of these before, maybe you haven't, but these are just a few basics that can really help, so I hope that they make sense and will help you in the future! I may add more and talk about this in the future, but these 10 are what came to mind right away. The main thing is to keep yourself "clean and healthy"and things will improve over time! I hope this helped, and I wish you clean and healthy skin!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,