Product Review: Etude House "Black Charcoal Chin Pack"

Etude House - Clack Charcoal Chin Pack

(3 out of 5)

Blackheads are one of those pesky things that people don't usually notice on others, but can see clearly on themselves. Personally, I dislike them far more than pimples! They're so tiny and hard to get rid of! You try so many treatments to get rid of them, but they just don't want to go away. In general, they are just excess pigment building up in your pores. (Sometimes it can be dirt, etc. but that's what they usually are.) Having larger pores, along with excessively touching your face, or clogging pores will easily cause them. They are annoying because they are easy to get, and hard to get rid of!

When you order anything from Cosmetic Love, chances are that you will get this sample, along with the Charcoal Nose Strip. I finally got around to using the Chin Pack, so here are my thoughts on it~!

There seems to be a lot of charcoal products in Korea, especially when it comes to strips. When I used the nose strip it had an odd smell, but since it was on my chin this time I didn't notice the smell that much. But charcoal is supposed to have qualities in it that remove oil and sebum (excess skin pigment), which are the leading causes of blackheads. So it's suggested for people that have Blackhead issues to use things with charcoal in them. (It seems a bit ironic to me that something so black would get rid of blackheads, but oh well!)

This one has charcoal to remove oil and sebum, as well as aloe vera to moisturize your skin, so that it wont be dried out when you remove the strip, (Yes, I know it says "pack", but it's a nose strip for your chin, okay?) This is a really smart idea because most strips dry out my skin after I use them, but this one did not dry out my skin! That's a pretty big bonus by itself, in my opinion.

Although the package shows a white trip, it's a dark black (there's charcoal in it, so that's a big "duh"). It looked a bit smaller than I expected, but I can see why.
First, not everyone has large chins (like myself), and you wouldn't want a huge product that covers an area bigger than your chin, that's just awkward.
Second, it targets the area below your lip, not really the tip of your chin. That makes sense, because that is the main "problem area".

This is almost to scale of how big it is

I have to say it's nice to know that these exist, because that means I'm not the only person in the world who has Blackheads on my chin, nice to not be alone huh?

To apply it you need to make sure you have clean skin, or it will not be as effective. So use your cleanser first, or if you don't use one just wash your chin with warm water a couple times. After that, just wet your chin with some water. Peel it off, apply it, and let it sit for a while. The longer it stays on, the better it will work.

It is a bit awkward to have this on, it's kind of hard to talk or move your jaw at all. So you probably want to use this when you aren't planning on doing too much talking, etc. (When your online, reading, or watching TV would probably be best!)

When you take it off there may be some residue, so rinse it off and dry it with a clean towel.

As for the results, I won't show you that because it's gross! (haha)
In general I don't like strips much, because peeling and pulling off my skin and things in my skin just doesn't sound too nice.

This seemed to work okay for me. I could see the results (eww), but it mainly took out smaller ones. The small Blackheads were gone, as well as a lot of my dead skin (ouch)! My chin felt smooth afterwards, but I could still see pretty much all of the larger ones. In the end, it worked alright but not as effectively as I would have liked.

I would say that if you are using it "casually" it works fine, but if you have a "problem"with Blackheads, this will not work that well. It will take out Blackheads before they are too visible so it is good for Blackhead "maintenance", or a kind of "pre-emptive strike", but not for the ones that have already taken root.
Since this was a free sample I didn't care much about the results, but I won't purposely buy this in the future either. If you want to try this for yourself you can buy them for about $3 each online.

Overall results, it felt smooth and didn't dry out my skin, and seemed to take out Blackheads before they got bigger. But it didn't take out the big ones completely. I recommend this for a person who wants to get rid of Blackheads before they become a problem, or just like to keep their chin clear. It didn't do anything "bad" to my skin, but it didn't show too much visible improvement.

They also have kinds for your nose, around the lips, etc. which are worth checking out. There are also kinds of soaps and facial washes that have charcoal in them, which may work better than a strip would.

If you get this as a sample give it a try, it's worth it!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,