Happy National Eggs Benedict Day!

April 16th is "National Eggs Benedict Day"! This is one of my favorite breakfast dishes ever and so I was more than willing to celebrate the holiday!

For this I mainly used other recipes, that I will list for you if you want to make some to celebrate as well!

Let's get started!

For the English muffin I used the Alton Brown recipe from Food Network (Click Here).

You can also buy these from the store and just lightly toast them, I usually will do it that way.

To make these from scratch you will need a griddle (at least for this recipe). This will make a bunch of them, especially since you only need one per person, so you can store these and lightly toast them when you eat them later.

Next, you will need Canadian Bacon. You can buy this pre-cut, or in a log that you cut yourself (if so, cut them a little on the thick side). If you have ham, either "real" or plain lunch meat, that will also work. Simply take the slices and cook them in a pan for a couple minutes to caramelize and heat them. If you made your own English Muffins, you can use the same griddle for the Bacon.

For the Poached Eggs there are just a few tricks. 
First, use a non-stick pan!! 
Second, fill the pan with around an inch and a half warm water, enough to cover the eggs, and at least 1/4 cup Vinegar. I know what you are thinking, "I don't want them to taste like vinegar!" Trust me, they wont. This just makes it so they hold their shape and don't spread little white foam clumps all over. 

(Sorry, no picture of the eggs.) 

Last, you want to make the Hollandaise Sauce to top it off! You are making this last because you want it hot, and since it's made with egg, you can't re-heat it later. It only takes a few minutes so don't worry about it. 
I use this recipe from Big Oven (Click Here) with a few adjustments. I make it a half recipe because it's really rich and I don't need that much. 
You don't really have to use a mixer, just continually mix it with a Balloon Whisk until it turns more pale, thickens, and increases in size. Basically, about 5 minutes. 

You can also place the bowl on top of a pan of simmering water, like a double broiler, to heat it a little without cooking the egg. 

I like to add some crushed parsley either into the sauce, or on top to finish. 

Stack them in the order that I listed them, get a fork and knife, and dig in! 

Have a great Eggs Benedict Day!!! 
I know I did! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,