We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

My day was busier than usual the other day, which makes writing in a blog far more exciting. I mean how fun is it to read about a sick person staying home and not doing anything? *cough cough*...Oh yea, that was me, huh?

Anyways! The other day I finished making my bagels, baked peanut butter cookies, and rang the bell for the Salvation Army! Hurray!

Withe the bagels I made Blueberry (With a hint of Blackberry), Pumpkin Raisin, and Apple Cinnamon.

The pumpkin was my favorite by far! After making these we are now completely out of Bread Flour... Sad day...
I need to keep experimenting because I want a stronger flavor from the apple and the blueberry, not fruity enough for me. Plus, they are all crunchy out of the oven but I put them in bags and now they lost their crunch. Live and learn I suppose!

There was a Bazaar and "festival" in my town that day. Please note that our other "Big Event" is Burro Days, where we celebrate how wonderful Donkeys are....yea.... Then the Christmas "parade", featuring kids on bikes, a pregnant lady with a stroller (It had streamers for effect), and someone who wanted to be voted mortician had a "float"...

But I suppose that this was a pretty good event, it is just difficult to "wow" me after I lived in Southern California and the Disneyland fireworks were a regular thing for me.

Me and my mom went over before our shift for the bell ringing and looked around (sorry, no photos...). The thing I liked the most was a person selling knit sock monkey beanies, they were very cute! After talking to a few people we knew we went out into the freezing cold and stood there for two hours. This is a good thing to me, I liked the cold outside a lot more than the warm inside. People said we were lucky that the sun came out when our shift started, but we had to have my Dad bring us sunglasses because the sun is very bright at ten thousand feet and with snow to reflect off of.

I pretty much "hid" behind the sign and rang the bell a bit, but I have been having trouble with my wrists since I injured them so I could not no it for very long. When I lived in California it seemed like they never got donations for the Salvation Army, I was usually the only person to donate outside of the mall. Here, since it is a smaller town and people are not "city folk", people gave a lot! They had to shove in the money for it all to fit! This blessed me so much to see! People here are generous and I highly appreciate that.

The thing me and my mom both noticed is that people who did not donate always felt like they had to say something. "I'll get it on the way out." "I already gave earlier." etc. We never said anything, just hello, chit chat, and smiled. Yet people seem to want to let us know that they are "good" like we are judging those who do not give. I tried my best to never look judgmental, because I was not. I understand not being able to give at times and I do not judge people for not donating, I hope that they never felt like I was looking down on them.

It was fun to see a lot of people because I am Melancholy personality/temperament (though I am pretty much 25% of all four) so I enjoy people watching. I wore my red coat to be a bit more "Santa like" because I think you should dress like Old Saint Nick when bell ringing. And with that I completed an item on my bucket list, to ring the Salvation Army bell while wearing red.

And can I say, "Doing the Most Good" is an interesting sign to have for this...
I tried to ring out and stomp Christmas music, and had some playing in my pocket. People really should hear the random conversations I have with my Mom during these times. Here is an excerpt of one.

"Your gloves are nice Mom, but mine are the expensive type I got for Christmas before. They are made of....uhhh...that fancy...soft stuff...ummm...What is that called!" -Me
"Cashmere?" -Mom
"Yea! That! *southern accent* that there fancy stuff 'dem city folk have!...Don't tell BriAnna (my old roommate) that I did not know what it was called..." -Me
"That's made out of goats, a special kind, like Angora is made of a certain type of Rabbit. And they don't shave them or kill them you know." -Mom
"Yea, I know that. They brush them and don't kill them, otherwise I would not have a Angora scarf, Beki would kill me and I couldn't live with myself... I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with "faux angora" to not "torture bunnies by brushing them", then sell them in yuppy towns, hahaha." -Me
"Yea, hahaha." -Mom
It was a fun day over all, even with the numb toes, chin, etc.

Once I got home I was beat! I ate a bit of food (Me and my Mom both had to skip lunch), then watched "Gnomio and Juliet" and "A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie".

The first is very cute, highly recommended, and the later is very funny, but a bit mature for a Muppet movie. I find it more funny since I have watched Mulan Rouge and It's a Wonderful Life, both movies are highly parodied in the film.

Baked a batch of Peanut Butter cookies to fill up the cookie jars, to my Fathers request. I made plain, chocolate, and jam filled. They came out pretty well, but I need to eat them to make room for the other things that I want to bake... An interesting dilemma, huh?

Time to break out the festive trays!

Finally, I wrote in my Faith Blog, adding to the series on Love, now on Part 6! Feel free to check it out along with the rest of the series!

Challenge of the Day:
Put up Christmas decorations! Make snowflakes out of paper, get out the dusty box, anything! If you have non or only a few then decorate a bit more.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,