Video: Flying to Seattle

Today I uploaded my first ever YouTube video! I promised before, when I said that I was going on vacation for a few weeks, that I would try to get some footage up from the trip. This first video probably isn't as interesting as the others I'm working on, but nevertheless I put it up. (You have to start somewhere right?) I have been wanting to expand this blog with videos as well for a while now, and I'm finally getting started on that goal. I will still be writing the regular article on cosmetics, music, food, and crafts, but I want to add videos occasionally as well.

This video is footage of the plane ride to Seattle, from Colorado, and after we landed. It also have a couple shots of me, acting dorky out of overexcitement. I'm still working on the other videos, which include sailing, sled dogs and puppies, glaciers, and more footage from Seattle! I hope you enjoy these, and I really appreciate every reader and viewer that I get, you guys aren't just a number on the stats to me. Have a great week, and I'll write again tomorrow~!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,