Happy Monday!

You know when people say that you can't fit a square peg in a round hole? I kind of like that phrase, I do not really like to "fit in" so I am more a a square peg than a round one.
When it comes to my dog, he just fits wherever he can.

As shown here with my Mom, Joby just conforms to any space you give him as long as he is allowed to snuggle you. It must be nice to be a "Uniform Peg".

I have had a weekend that was filled with people and work, the two things that tire me out the most. As an introvert I can spend time with people but after a while it just tires me out and I need time by myself to "recharge" before being in a public place again. I suppose that would be today, my Monday.

I know most people hate Mondays, I used to as well since I had to wake up at 4:30AM and exercise and then go to class then work and then theatre practice until 12:00AM. At home Mondays are different, my parents work mostly on the weekend so Monday is like our Sunday. My Mom is more outgoing but even she gets tired with being around people for too many days. My Dad is more introverted like me, so all this "people time" tired him out too I suppose.

My weekend in a nutshell:

Friday - I woke up and ate some breakfast, I did not sleep too well the night before so I was pretty tired. At 1:00PM I went over to a building to help my Mom set up for the Community Turkey Dinner that was to raise money for the Salvation Army. We moved tables, with my bad wrists, put on tablecloths, decorated, prepared some food, and any other little jobs that needed to be done. We got out of there around 4:00PM and I was able to eat some "lunch". Then, at around 5:00PM we went back over and finished the set up. At 6:30 the event began and I was not feeling like spending time with a room full of people I did not know at all, yes I know I am an introvert so I was not in a "people person mood" and figured being quiet was better than being rude on accident, so I spent the whole event running around helping in the kitchen etc. At 8:00PM the event ended and I ate a few scraps of turkey off the bones and a few desserts, one was good and the others made me nauseous from being too sweet. Then we cleaned up the building and were out of there around 9:00PM. We got home, and put on something to watch because we were all too wired to sleep yet, I think we watched "Punkin Chunkin". I decided to break into my pudding stash because nothing feels better at the end of a hard day than to eat a cup of chocolate pudding, for me at least. Then the spoon flew out and I got pudding all over my keyboard when I tried to write a post for this blog. Cleaned that up and went to bed and tried to sleep.

Saturday - I woke up wanted some biscuits and gravy. So I begged to be able to eat some. We didn't have the sausage to make the gravy and the food wasn't ready until about 10:00-11:00. I watched New Girl to calm my nerves and a few other funny shows and then I came to the horrible revelation that it was the third Saturday of the month... The day that I help my mom clean to make some extra money. So after eating we drove down for an hour and I cleaned windows at one house for some extra money and then went to the real cleaning job an hour and a half later and cleaned a house for about two hours. My I clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and tile floors and my Mom cleans the rest (bedrooms, dusting, vacuuming). Then we went to the store to pick up a few things and we got home around 6:00PM.
Saturday is when we have our "Sci-fi, Saturday, S-chilidogs" tradition. We watch either good and ridiculously cheesy Sci-fi movies and eat chili dogs or chili pie or something. When we clean we can't do it at noon and have to do it at night and can only watch about two movies, sad day.
But then my weekend started to get better. I got to eat a chili dog and some chili cheese fries, with home-fries made by my Dad. Then I watched a really bad CG movie and got to go to sleep.

Sunday - Woke up and got ready for church and got over there by 10:30AM, I got to eat Doughnuts for breakfast, which never really happens at my house, and had some good coffee. After church we had a football party thing at my house. I do not really enjoy football but I like my Dads homemade Pizza so that was good. I watch a good 4 hours and then was all "Funned Out" from the people and watching Football and went to my room to check a few things and attempt a nap, but with our thin walls it is pretty hard to sleep with people talking. When they were gone we ate some turkey leftovers from Friday and watch some Food Network shows, I was super sad because there was no Once Upon a Time on this Sunday. But I went to bed happy knowing that the weekend was now over and "My Weekend" was about to start.

I know that probably came out sounding really whiney, so I am sorry for that. Truth be told it was an eventful weekend and I enjoyed it. That was really to paint a picture of what happened and why I am glad to relax today, wonderful Monday! So I am not complaining but just stating information.

At the dinner on Friday there was a lot of pie and that is pretty awesome! SO much pie!!! I got to joke with my Dad and enjoy some good worship music and I did meet and re-meet some people. Not to mention how happy pudding makes me!

Saturday I got to see my Aunt and my Grandma, they looked well and that brightened my day. And that day I got to make some money to spend on people for Christmas so that was great! I also got to eat some delicious food that night. And on my way out the door I saw Mr. Hoppity Jr! The cute little bunny that lives by my house. I also saw a Deer and they were touching distance away!

Sunday I got to see some people from church that I like and eat delicious Pizza! I also got to watch some of my favorite shows and relax. I got to spend time with Joby as well. Also, the turkey was yummy.

It really seems like food and animals are what helps me be happy, huh? Overall I had a busy but yummy weekend. Really I think I have learned that is it easy to see all of the bad things from your day but it is harder to see that great things. We love to pick out the bad things because we see them easily, but life is so much better when you see the good things! I find the same is true with people, you can see that you do not like them but it is good to sit down and just say the good things about people and encourage them an make you more positive!

Today I will just write while wrapped up in my fluffy red blanket, Carmichael, drink some beverages, and listen to some jazzy Christmas music in the Living Room. I will also do so without people around so that I am charged and energetic next time I see people again. I am still working but it is more stationary and private so I like that. I also get to start planning Thanksgiving meals and getting mentally excited and prepared for the Christmas Season! Hurray!

Challenge for the day:
Find a good thing for each day of your weekend and today. Make like a blood type and B Positive!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,