Product Review: "Girlz Lyfe"

I found a website named "Girlzlyfe"a while back. At first I thought, "This is probably going to be a bunch of things for twelve year olds..." But the little girls inside of me said, "Check it out!!"

Well, both parts of my personality were satisfied with this website. There are all sorts of cute little things on the website that you can buy. Food and Asian themed goods are my weakness, so I had to check those out! I found all sorts of things in that section, and before I knew it I had a long wishlist for the website!
They also have very pretty jewelry, and home decorating items!

The vibe that I got off of this website was that they made things for older girls to squeal over and buy so satisfy the little girl inside of them, while still being an "adult" and "sophisticated". This is exactly the type of website that I love!

They have new sales every week, so I like to keep an eye on my favorite items and wait for them to go down in price. But with website you have to remember that they will not carry the things that you want forever, so if you really love something you should buy it pretty quickly!

The only thing that I hate from online shopping is shipping costs. When you buy a bunch of low priced items you get excited, but then you go to checkout and see the $7-$9 shipping costs and the smile fades. At least for me it does!

They have a general special for free shipping when you spend a certain amount ($75), but they also have specials every now and then where you can get free shipping with $50 or $25 orders! I am on the email list so that I can be on the lookout for those times!

I recently bought a couple things during the $25 sale to try out the quality of the website for the future.
I ordered a necklace, a pair of earrings, and some headphones!

I have seen this necklace on countless websites and have been eyeing it for literally years now! (It also is a ring, and earrings I believe)
I saw it on sale on this website and instantly added it to the cart!

There are several options for the chain on this necklace, and this is the first website where I have seen this. I went with the "18 inch Silver Plated Link Chain" since this type of simple chain is my favorite.
The chain is a longer one, which I like, and the camera is a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but the quality is very good and I have grown to like the smaller size.

Boho Feather Earrings

I have always wanted a pair of feather earrings! I really like earrings that are long and dangle, but they tend to be heavy and stretch out my earlobe, not very cute! So the idea of wearing long and light earrings has always been appealing.
Once again, there was several options that I could go with for feather earrings. I ended up with these ones because I liked the blue color, it was not too overpowering.

These look very good with your hair down, they blend with your hair softly, yet still stand out and add a pop of color. It's like getting feathers in your hair without all the trouble of tying them in.

Funky Fonic Headphones

Not to sound repetitive, but there are also options for the headphones as well! I think what I love
most about this website is that you have many choices for "the same" product.

My old ear bud headphones lost their rubber, it rubbed off, and so they hurt in my ears and were scraping the inside, ouch! I really needed a new pair, but I wanted big, colorful, headphones more than little buds. (I really dislike the feeling of sticking things in my ears, so I prefer real headphones!)

I had looked at Roxy headphones in the past, but they were very expensive, so I never bought them. I saw these, in 3 color options, and on sale, and made them the final addition to my cart! I am so glad that I bought these! I use them all the time and they are so comfortable!

You can buy these in blue and orange, black and red, and pink and green. They do very well with soundproofing your ears to outside noise, or in my case other people's music. The surround sound quality is very good and makes music a lot more fun to listen to! Of course, my favorite part has to be the fun colors! I went with the blue and orange option and they are so cute!

The chord is very long and has a thick coating on it, my last headphones had a cheap rubber coating and the wires popped out if I even scratched it a little, so I am really happy with that!
The top is adjustable and the phones can fold into the top for easy transportation.

One of the best qualities of the headphones is that it has an adapter for using these with a sound booth! The plug is small enough for iPods, yet you can attach the bigger one so that you can use this with high quality sound equipment! I was not expecting that, so it was a nice bonus.

The company is very good with communication. I was having some issues with receiving the package because of my local post office (not the first time that USPS has aggravated me) and the customer support did a lot to help me and were very prompt at getting back to me when I emailed them. 

With free shipping I thought that maybe it would be the cheap one that takes forever, but it was free priority, 3 day, shipping! They emailed me at every step, from order and payment confirmation, to package updates. 

The packaging was very professional. They had the jewelry in their own bags with a business card, and the earrings had rubber stumps on them! I have a big pet peeve with jewelry not having rubber stumps included, and online websites don't tend to include them, so this was another pleasant surprise! 

The overal quality of this company is very high and I look forward to buying from them again in the future. 
I would give them a 4.5 out of 5! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,