"V-Day, S.A.D, C.I.C", More Like "Baking Day"!

I know that Valentines Day was a while ago, but I am finally getting to my post about it, so you have to give me credit for posting before the week ended!

I am still a bit stuffy from being sick, the main problem now is that my nose and lips are al dried out and chapped... I look like I put lipstick around the edge of my lips, like some women do on purpose, and it looks bad in both cases, I think. Anyways, I was still able to make some things for Valentines and get work done during that time, so it was a good day. People call is "Singles Awareness Day" and "Confidence in Christ day", but really I am both of those things all year, so why label it?

I used the day to make treats for the women I know, and my Pappa of course, and do the nails of the women as well.

I started off my making some Petite Flours, and my mom even bought me a heart cookie cutter! So I baked a sheet of pound cake, slid some Nutella or Jam in the middles, and covered the mini cakes in a basic icing. The icing was so hard, since I accidentally added too much milk at one point and had to add tons more powdered sugar to thicken it! It was pretty frustrating, but probably worth it.

I never got to try the jam ones, but Nutella was pretty good!

Along with those, I made some one bite Red Velvet Cupcakes! I usually hate using bow mixed Red Velvet, and the cupcakes will come out horrible! But, this time, they came out alright. (Sadly I ran out of wrappers and now have a practically full bowl of batter in the fridge....I need to use that....) 
I also added TONS of rainbow sprinkles to the top, like the ones they put on Doughnuts, because I had them and was feeling whimsical~! 

The sprinkles are also to cover up the bad icing job...

And, finally, for the treats I made for goodies bags I made Chocolates! I made Raspberry filled, Mixed nut, and Red Velvet Truffle! I basically hardened a shell of chocolate in the molds and filled them with jam, some nuts from a tub I found in the pantry and melted Milk Chocolate with Heavy Cream and some Red Velvet batter stuff. Then, I put chocolate on top and hardened them completely, so easy! To truffle ones were sticky, so I used really small wrappers I found one them (too small for the cupcakes), the nuts were chunky on the bottom, and some of the raspberry ones burst, but they all tasted good!

I wish I had heart molds, but oh well!

Not as many people came to the "Pamper Day" as I thought, but I enjoyed the time with the people who did come. I spent time alone listening to music, sipping tea, and taste testing some treats. I later chose to wrap up the treats in bags to give to people instead. 

I also had fun taking lots of pictures, which I love taking interesting and artistic type photos. 

After I made the Mini Cakes I has lots of scraps left! So I made Strawberry Bread pudding! Bread pudding is really easy, I found, even though it looked scary to me! I looked it up and it's pretty much custard mixed with a little melted butter and cinnamon! So I plopped in 2 whole eggs, 1 egg yolk, about a cup of Heavy Cream, some brown and white sugar to taste, cinnamon and nutmeg, a couple tablespoons of melted butter, a teaspoon of Vanilla, and torn up Pound Cake scraps and let that soak. Then, I added some chopped strawberries and baked it in some ramekins, with a cute Strawberry on top, and baked for an hour at 325, while I was making dinner. They turned out great! I don't like the crouton looking Bread Pudding, so mine was more condensed and in small pieces. 

For dinner I made Shrimp Ravioli, which I'm still working on getting right. The dough is either too thick, or it's thin and rips apart in the water, so I hope to get it right eventually. 

In other news, I added the second to last "Love Is" post to my "Faith Blog", so you can read that by clicking Here, or the picture! 

I was able to play World of Warcraft with my brother the past two days, and I got the achievement I have been working on for years!!! The Achievement is "Loremaster" and it is for completing all of the quests in the game. To give you an idea, there is original and three expansions, and roughly five "continents" with over seven hundred quests on each. Needless to say, this took some time to do! I got many other Achievements as well, but that was by far the most exciting! Me and my brother got them the same day, maybe an hour apart (he was first), so it was great! I took a few screenshots to commemorate! We got in our "fancy clothes" for the occasion. 

Yes, I know that I am a complete Geek, but I don't really care! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,