K-Pop Mix: Spring 2013

Sure, it's not exactly March right now. Yet for a lot of people, it was still Winter during April (Myself included). It may be getting warmer, but I still think it's Spring personally. I didn't write this post as early as I had wanted to, so it's better late than never! There are so many great Spring themed songs in K-Pop, and a lot of them were released this year. These are songs that I picked out that best suited Spring for 2013, and reflected the kind of weather we have had. It reflects the past couple months, along with early May. So here is my K-Pop Mix for Spring this year!

Intro. Welcome to Our Dream by Infinite & Spring by 2AM

Although these aren't full length songs I still wanted to include them. Both of them suit the season, and make great, simple, introductions.
Welcome to Our Dream has a certain elegance to it, with the Ballroom Dance flair. I think of a beautifully decorated room and Women dressed in peach and pastel gowns. (Not to mention their dashing partners!)

Spring by 2AM is a bit slower and mellow. It reminds me of the time when flowers and grass begin to burst out of the snow, and the warm sunlight begins to melt away the ice. It's the beginning of Spring, and a great beginning to this playlist.

1. Cherry Blossom Ending by Busker Busker 

If you listen to Korean Music, you probably have heard this song at least once. It was one of the biggest songs in Korea when it came out, and months after. It's really a classic song for Spring so I had to include it! The music is relaxing, and mainly Acoustic, and the singer has a great high range. It's great music to sway to when walking, driving, or sitting out in the sunlight! 
The MV is really a bonus because it has Bunnies, cartoons, Cherry Blossoms (of course), and is really funny!

2. Bom Bom Bom by Roy Kim & Bom Bom Bom/Spring by Lucite Tokki

These songs have the same title, so I'm grouping them together. Is that cheating a bit? Maybe. I'm considering it more of an either-or situation.
Roy Kim's song just came out recently, and I am already in love with it! It is so easy to sing-along to that it's just addicting. This song is also mainly Acoustic, and have a very bouncy vibe. I'm a big fan of his from when he was on Superstar K4 (and his performance at MAMA 2012), so I may be biased, but I'm sure I'm not the only one! 

Lucite Tokki isn't as well known as other artists, but they are one of my personal favorites. I discovered their music with the release of their album "Grow to Glow", and started buying up their older releases. Their song Bom Bom Bom is older than Roy Kims, by more than a few years, and sounds very different. It's calming and drawn out, and even the singing is done with hushed tones. While the other song is good for skipping around, this one is good for winding down. 

3. Take a Walk by Clazziquai Project  

I may have an unhealthy obsession with this song... The first time I heard it, I believe I played it on loop the rest of the day. But I can't help it, because it's that good! This is another mellow song that I usually listen to when I'm having a rough day. It's encouraging and soothing at the same time. Plus, it's in English, so you don't need to understand Korean to understand the message. It's because it's so soothing that I like it in a Spring playlist. 
A. Taking a walk when the weather is nice makes sense! 
B. Spring means it's time for Finals, and everyone could use a little stress relief. 
I include this in my own Mix for those reasons. Also, it's not simply an Acoustic song but more of a tranquil Electronic song, so it just sounds really cool.

4. Lemon Pie by Standing Egg 

I recently reviewed the new album Ambler from Standing Egg, including this song, if you want to know more about them. The entire album is perfect for ambling around in Spring (see what I did there?). Even so, this had to be the song that I picked out of all of them. The song uses a Ukelele and has an Island flair. It starts off very simple and picks up at the Chorus, with harmonies and added instruments. I love this song because it sounds so sweet, is fun to sing, and because I love Lemon Pies.

5. Love Actually by Sunny Hill and Daybreak 

Regardless of how you feel about the music video, this song is great! First, let me say that I love the snaps in the background! I'm a sucker for snaps or whistles in a song. This is a wonderful duet between the two groups, and their voices/styles really suit each other. I'm a fan of both groups, so I think the song is stupendous! It has a really cheery sound that's sure to lighten your mood, even on an overcast day. 

6. Love Blossom by K.Will 

Once again, every song from the album has a Spring theme. This is the title song, and for good reasons! I didn't just pick it because it's the most popular song from the album. I picked it because it's the most Spring injected song off the album! His voice is so soothing and has a beautiful tone, and I could listen to it for hours. Even though the song is so complex, with several layers of music, it doesn't sound crowded or overwhelming. Everything is perfectly balanced and each instrument works together with the others. This song reminds me of the days I goofily skip-walk down the street smiling. Are people looking at me weird? Yes. Do I care? Not a bit, because I'm having fun! This song has that same lighthearted feeling. 

7. Brunch by Gain & Hyungwoo 

This is my breakfast song that I start off the day with (along with Americano and Cafe Latte). It's perfect for it because it's about breakfast, while still being a love song and duet. They sing about the drinks and food, and synchronize their voices perfectly, what more could you want? There are always new duets coming out but this one stood out among the rest. Spring is a season that makes me think of mornings and lazy afternoons more than anything else. So, this seemed perfect! (Plus is makes a great song for the love birds in Spring, catch my drift?) 

8. Delight by Yoo Ji Ae

While the first batch of songs for this Mix were from artists who have been around for a bit, this song is by a Rookie. While it has the same atmosphere as the other songs, the style is different. There should be a familiar sound to the music. This new artist is under the same label as Infinite, so the '80s throwback, electronic influence is also in her song.The song is titled correctly, because it really is a delight to listen to! It changes things up a bit while still keeping with the theme we've got going. 

9. Need to Talk by Vanilla Acoustic 

If you've never heard of Vanilla Acoustic, they are really worth listening to! From the name you can probably guess that they make simple acoustic music. (Side note: I personally like the alternate translation of "The Chatting is Necessary") I just recently heard their music, and I enjoyed it from the first listen. This one is good for when things are calming down, and the sun is setting. The way the Guitar is strummed is really interesting and instantly draws you in. The Male-Femal Duet dynamic reminds me a little of Clazziquai Project or Urban Zakapa, who are two of my favorite groups. Co-Ed groups like this are great because their voices contrast each other, and the lyrics can have more meaning when sang by two people. There's something familiar or friendly about their music that just makes you comfortable. I may have discovered this song recently, but I still think it's a must have!

10. SILLY by Daybreak 

Yes, I already mentioned them, but that song is more of a feature with Sunny Hill. And despite if I already used a song from an artist, I'm just picking the ones I thought were best. Since Spring is the season when "love is in the air", cute songs like this are just right. I love the type of scatting in the song, and the phrase, "My silly love messages for you". It's just an overall feel-good song! For some reason it makes me think of slow bike rides, if that makes any sense. I thought this was a nice, airy, and uplifting song to end things with.

I think music for Springtime should feel bright and warm, but at the same time gentle and soothing. I think of slightly overcast weather, occasional storms, and a nice breeze. Again, I think of it more in terms of morning and noon than evening, not sure why. So most of these songs sound a bit similar in ways, but each have their own take on something for the season. These are my picks for Spring. I didn't just list them either, I really did listen to each of these songs during Spring. (And still am!)
What were your picks for Spring this year? Let me know in the comments! Have a great end of Spring, and a great Summer too!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,