Product Review: Tonymoly "UV Sunset Maximum Sun Block Cream"

I have some pretty fair skin, and so I try to keep out of the sun as much as possible. Summertime poses a problem for me in many ways. Sure, I love the fun and freedom that can come in the Summer, but for the most part I get sweaty and burnt, and those are the two things that I hate the most when it comes to skin (though Blackheads are always at the tops of my "most annoying" list). Although I want to wear sunscreen to keep myself "Scotch-Irish White", it tends to be thick, uncomfortable, and makes me break out... I got this as a sample, but I like the product a lot. It's now up there with the Pocket Bunny Mist for my favorite products from Tonymoly!

Tonymoly - UV Sunset Maximum Sun Block Cream (SPF 50) 

(5 out of 5) 

I wore this a couple times when I was in California. Most of the time I just use BB Cream, and it has enough in it to be used as a type of "Sunscreen" for my face (I wrote a bit about it Here), but on days that I needed to run out the door, or we were going somewhere with water, I just used a bit of this instead. I think that the name is really cute, and the packaging has a cool "Gradient-Sunset" feel to it that matches. It ended up working really well, and I was so glad that I brought my little sample with me on the trip!

This is a great product to be used on it's own, or with your regular skin care for an extra boost when outdoors! The texture is really smooth, similar to sunscreen, but not exactly. It's a it thinner, so it can be applied smoother and lighter than if you were using a regular kind. This is made for your face, which is a good thing, so it's not going to clog your pores or be as thick and harsh as most sunblocks you will use. I only needed a little bit of it, and I tend to burn on my face fairly easy.

When you apply it your skin feels a bit moister, but not oily, and it even "softens" the look of your skin. It's not like a BB Cream, that's pigmented and even skin tone, but it does make your skin look a bit smother. It goes on fairly easily, and can be applied to your entire face, ears, and neck, or just the part of your face the burns easily. The thiner texture makes it easier to apply it on top of your makeup, but I prefer to apply things before makeup personally. It doesn't have a strong smell, but has a very light smell of "sunscreen", that will fade a bit after you put it on though.

If may "only" be SPF, but it works very well! It didn't sweat off, and I didn't burn at all my whole trip! Well, on my face at least, the places I used regular sunscreen did burn a bit. It really worked well at keeping my skin burn/tan free, and even made it feel a tad softer. It also has ingredients to calm and sooth skin, if you're already burned or get flushed in the sun. I have sensitive skin that hates creams, but it took this kind very well! It doesn't make you look pale, or go on cakey, and is barely noticeable. You only need a little bit though, if you use too much it may make you break out, but you don't need very much anyways!

Overall, I highly recommend this for the summer, hiking, or any person who is the outdoors type! It works very well, feels natural, and even helps improve your skin while it protects it! I got this as a sample, and I could use it about 7 times on my face from that, which is pretty good! They don't carry the sample anymore at my usual website for cosmetics, but you can still find it online. I found the samples for about $4 (if you include shipping) and the full sized version for around $25 on ebay! You can look around online to see if you can find it, it's a bit pricy but the product lasts for a long time. The samples would probably be good to keep in your bag, in case you forget to apply some before you leave the house. This is a great investment for your skin if you plan on being outside a lot, but you really should wear sunblock everyday if you want your skin to stay young.

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